Apply for NITDA 5 Days FREE Cyber Security Training

As part of the Federal Government’s Commitment to create 1million+ jobs in Nigeria Digital Economy and to build the capacity of Nigerian youths in digital literacy to enhance economic transformation,

The National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA), in partnership with O-range Cyber Security Training Centre and TECEBE NIG LTD, is calling for applications to participate in the 5-day Ethical Hacking (CyberSecurity) Training Programme.

Who can apply?

Nigerian Youth residing or having accommodation in Kwara State
NYSC Corps members within Kwara State
Undergraduates and graduates within Kwara State Vicinity
Secondary school students living in Kwara State
Any individual wishing to acquire ethical hacking skills in order to pursue a career in Cyber Security
Participants must be at least 15 years old.

Shortlisted candidates will be contacted via email.

The closing date is September 10, 2023.


In This Training, You’ll Discover:

  • How to safeguard your digital life, personal data, and online interactions against a multitude of cyber threats
  • How to safeguard sensitive information while fostering trust among users, clients, and partners while meeting regulatory compliance standards
  • How to find out where your web application can be attacked and shore up the weakness before exploitation
  • The tactics used by malicious actors to manipulate individuals, and be able to recognise and defend yourself against such manipulative cyber threats.
  • How to earn rewards while contributing to improved digital security by identifying and reporting vulnerabilities in software and systems
  • How to recognise, mitigate, and protect against harmful malicious software, bolstering your overall cyber-security awareness
  • How to gather critical information about potential targets, enhance your ability to assess vulnerabilities, and strengthen cybersecurity measures
  • How to gather publicly available information, enabling informed decision-making and improved cybersecurity by identifying potential threats and vulnerabilities.

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