NPC Announces Ongoing Review of Census Adhoc Staff


In a recent communication, the National Population Commission (NPC) has informed all Census Adhoc Staff members about an ongoing review of the Applicants List for the Census Adhoc Staff positions. This review is a significant step aimed at shortlisting the most suitable candidates for this crucial role within the organization.

Addressing the valued members of the Census Adhoc Staff, the NPC emphasizes the importance of their cooperation during this review process. The NPC intends to include pending and approved applicants whose names have not yet been added to the list. This collective effort will ensure a thorough and fair assessment of all applicants, resulting in the selection of highly qualified candidates for further consideration in the recruitment process. You can also check Cosmopolitan University Job Recruitment (96 Positions)

Key points highlighted by the NPC regarding the review process are as follows:

Purpose: The primary objective of the review is to identify and shortlist candidates who possess the necessary qualifications, experience, and suitability for the Census Adhoc Staff positions.

Evaluation Criteria: The applicants will be evaluated based on their educational background, relevant skills, previous work experience, and additional criteria specified in the job description. The aim is to select individuals who demonstrate the required competencies to excel in their roles.

Fairness and Inclusion: The NPC underscores its commitment to conducting the review process with the utmost fairness, taking into account diversity and inclusion. The organization encourages all involved to approach the review without biases or prejudices that may influence decision-making.

Confidentiality: Acknowledging the sensitive nature of the review process, the NPC reminds staff members to treat applicant information as strictly confidential, refraining from sharing it with unauthorized parties. FG Partners with Wema Bank to Establish MSME Tech Hubs in 7 States

Timelines: The NPC anticipates completing the review process by the specified deadline. Following this review, a shortlist of candidates will be finalized, and subsequent steps will be taken accordingly.

The NPC expresses deep gratitude for the active participation of all Census Adhoc Staff members in this review process. The organization values their expertise and insights, as they significantly contribute to forming a proficient and dedicated Census Adhoc Staff team. This collaboration will play a pivotal role in ensuring accurate and reliable data collection for the upcoming census.

For any inquiries or further information about the review process, individuals are encouraged to reach out to the designated contact in the NPC’s HR department.

The NPC addresses the concern of some approved census applicants who have not received emails, clarifying that a final shortlist is being compiled. This compilation arises from a comprehensive review of applicants’ profiles. It has come to the organization’s attention that some applicants’ eligibility statuses fall short of the requirements due to missing photographs, incomplete education certificates, or discrepancies between profile names and national IDs.

In response, ineligible applicants are being replaced with those who are pending approval. This explains the ongoing approval process at the headquarters. As a result, only candidates on the final shortlist will receive emails for training, which will commence virtually and later transition to in-person training.

The NPC further informs that local government shortlists have been curated by NPC local government comptrollers, who conducted physical screenings and approvals. The organization maintains a record of approved and pending applicants on their server. You can also check Teaching Jobs with Visa Sponsorship in the UK: A Gateway for Nigerian Educators

The review has illuminated various eligibility issues among applicants – ranging from missing education background certificates to absent selfies. The NPC assures that these issues are being addressed by replacing such missing elements.

Notably, even those in the pending category stand a chance of being included in the final list and subsequently approved. The approval process remains underway, and fresh registrations are still being accepted.

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