Noella Foundation Collaborates with Partners to Generate 10,000 Employment Opportunities

In an effort to address the pressing issue of youth unemployment, Noella Foundation has announced its strategic partnership with various socially responsible corporations, both within Nigeria and abroad. This initiative aims to uplift and provide employment opportunities for more than 10,000 young Nigerians.

Speaking at a commemorative medical outreach event in Abuja to mark International Youth Day, Mr. Seyi Tinubu, Co-founder of Noella Foundation, highlighted the organization’s commitment to tackling the multifaceted challenges faced by the youth. International Youth Day serves as a platform to shed light on pertinent cultural and legal concerns affecting young individuals.

Nigeria’s youth constitute a substantial portion of its staggering population of over 200 million, yet a significant percentage grapples with unemployment. Recognizing that government efforts alone cannot suffice to address this issue, Noella Foundation emphasizes the necessity for collaboration between private entities and organizations to supplement governmental endeavors in curbing unemployment rates across the nation.FG Empowerment: The New Minds Initiative.

As Nigeria joins the global community in observing International Youth Day, Noella Foundation pledges to create employment opportunities for more than ten thousand Nigerian youths. Through strategic partnerships with foreign corporations, the foundation envisions a comprehensive plan for the upskilling of Nigerian individuals. Equipped with essential tools, resources, and prospects, these youths will be empowered to pave their paths toward success across diverse industries. Top 5 Jobs and Academic Degrees that can fast track your UK work visa

Among the various activities commemorating this significant day, Noella Foundation is organizing a medical outreach program to provide vital support to underprivileged individuals in the local community. For the recipients of this benevolent gesture, the impact is immeasurable and deeply appreciated.

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