Cosmopolitan University Job Recruitment (96 Positions)


Cosmopolitan University is a pioneering institution approved by the Federal Executive Council on May 16th, 2023. Our University is dedicated to providing students with a student-centred learning experience that is both innovative and of international standard.

With a focus on research, education, and active engagement with industry and society, we aim to expand knowledge and prepare graduates to make a positive impact in their workplaces, environment, and communities

At Cosmopolitan University, we embrace technology-driven learning, recognising the transformative power it holds in today’s world. Our commitment to research-driven innovation keeps us updated with cutting-edge discoveries and development.

While we embrace the possibilities offered by artificial intelligence, we will endeavour to put appropriate regulations in place to ensure ethical and responsible use. One of the distinguishing features of Cosmopolitan University is our international faculty, comprised of experienced educators from around the world. This diverse and accomplished team bring a wealth of knowledge and global perspectives to our classrooms, enriching the learning experience for our students.

Applications are invited from suitably qualified candidates for Cosmopolitan University Job Recruitment to fill the position below:

  1. Professor (Business Administration)
  2. Associate Professor / Reader (Business Administration)
  3. Senior Lecturer (Business Administration)
  4. Lecturer I (Accounting)
  5. Senior Lecturer (Accounting)
  6. Professor (Accounting)
  7. Lecturer II (Accounting)
  8. Associate Professor / Reader (Economics)
  9. Professor (Economics)
  10. Professor (International Relations)
  11. Assistant Lecturer (Accounting)
  12. Associate Professor / Reader (International Relations)
  13. Associate Professor / Reader (Entrepreneurship)
  14. Professor (Entrepreneurship)
  15. Lecturer I (Software Engineering)
  16. Lecturer I (Information Systems)
  17. Senior Lecturer (Entrepreneurship)
  18. Lecturer I (Cybersecurity)
  19. Senior Lecturer (Economics)
  20. Lecturer I (Computer Science)
  21. Associate Professor / Reader (Cybersecurity)
  22. Lecturer II (Cybersecurity)
  23. Associate Professor / Reader (Computer Engineering)
  24. Lecturer I (Health Information Systems)
  25. Professor (Computer Engineering)
  26. Senior Lecturer (Computer Engineering)
  27. Lecturer I (Public Health)
  28. Senior Lecturer (Computer Science)
  29. Professor (Computer Science)
  30. Lecturer I (Nursing Sciences)
  31. Associate Professor / Reader (Computer Science)
  32. Lecturer I (Telecommunications Engineering)
  33. Lecturer I (Electrical and Electronics Engineering)
  34. Associate Professor / Reader (Sociology and Criminology)
  35. Professor (Sociology and Criminology)
  36. Lecturer I (Computer Engineering)
  37. Senior Lecturer (Sociology and Criminology)
  38. Senior Lecturer (International Relations)
  39. Associate Professor / Reader (Information Systems)
  40. Lecturer II (Information Systems)
  41. Professor (Information Systems)
  42. Senior Lecturer (Information Systems)
  43. Senior Lecturer (Cybersecurity)
  44. Professor (Cybersecurity)
  45. Lecturer II (Computer Science)
  46. Lecturer II (Computer Engineering)
  47. Associate Professor / Reader (Software Engineering)
  48. Lecturer II (Software Engineering)
  49. Professor (Software Engineering)
  50. Assistant Lecturer (Cybersecurity)
  51. Senior Lecturer (Nursing Sciences)
  52. Professor (Nursing Sciences)
  53. Assistant Lecturer (Computer Science)
  54. Associate Professor / Reader (Nursing Sciences)
  55. Associate Professor / Reader (Health Information Systems)
  56. Lecturer II (Health Information Systems)
  57. Professor (Health Information Systems)
  58. Senior Lecturer (Health Information Systems)
  59. Lecturer II (Public Health)
  60. Lecturer II (Nursing Sciences)
  61. Senior Lecturer (Telecommunications Engineering)
  62. Professor (Telecommunications Engineering)
  63. Associate Professor / Reader (Telecommunications Engineering)
  64. Lecturer II (Telecommunications Engineering)
  65. Associate Professor / Reader (Electrical and Electronics Engineering)
  66. Professor (Electrical and Electronics Engineering)
  67. Lecturer II (Electrical and Electronics Engineering)
  68. Senior Lecturer (Electrical and Electronics Engineering)
  69. Senior Lecturer (Software Engineering)
  70. Assistant Lecturer (Electrical and Electronics Engineering)
  71. Assistant Lecturer (Computer Engineering)
  72. Assistant Lecturer (Software Engineering)
  73. Assistant Lecturer (Information Systems)
  74. Associate Professor / Reader (Public Health)
  75. Professor (Public Health)
  76. Senior Lecturer (Public Health)
  77. Assistant Lecturer (Public Health)
  78. Assistant Lecturer (Nursing Sciences)
  79. Assistant Lecturer (Health Information Systems)
  80. Assistant Lecturer (Telecommunications Engineering)
  81. Lecturer I (Sociology and Criminology)
  82. Lecturer I (International Relations)
  83. Lecturer I (Economics)
  84. Lecturer I (Entrepreneurship)
  85. Lecturer I (Business Administration)
  86. Lecturer II (Sociology and Criminology)
  87. Lecturer II (International Relations)
  88. Lecturer II (Economics)
  89. Lecturer II (Entrepreneurship)
  90. Lecturer II (Business Administration)
  91. Assistant Lecturer (Sociology and Criminology)
  92. Assistant Lecturer (International Relations)
  93. Assistant Lecturer (Economics)
  94. Assistant Lecturer (Entrepreneurship)
  95. Assistant Lecturer (Business Administration)
  96. Associate Professor (Accounting)

How to apply

Interested candidates should go, choose the position, read instructions and then apply.

Application Closing Date
20th August, 2023.

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