NPC Ensures Confidentiality in Upcoming Census

In a recent meeting with media executives in Katsina State, the National Population Commission (NPC) reaffirmed its commitment to maintaining the confidentiality of personal information provided by households during the forthcoming population and housing census. Mr Bala Almu-Banye, the Federal Commissioner representing Katsina State, conveyed this assurance, while also updating the attendees on the preparations for the 2023 Census.

With the census fast approaching, the NPC has already recruited an ample number of ad hoc staff to ensure comprehensive coverage across all corners of the state. These staff members will operate in their respective local governments to effectively achieve the set targets for data collection.

Emphasizing the importance of cooperation from residents, Almu-Banye urged households to collaborate with enumerators and provide accurate answers to the questions asked during the exercise. He stressed that all the personal information collected will be treated with the utmost confidentiality and solely utilized for census purposes.

To further ensure data security, enumerators and supervisors will take an oath of confidentiality before commencing the data collection process. The information provided by households will be digitally transmitted directly to the commission’s secure server using Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs), which function like mobile phones.

Recognizing the challenge of reaching people in hard-to-reach areas, the NPC intends to collaborate with traditional and community leaders. These leaders will provide valuable assistance by guiding enumerators in accessing remote communities to ensure comprehensive data collection.

In response to the NPC’s efforts, Alhaji Bashir Ahmed, General Manager of Gram FM, expressed gratitude on behalf of the media executives for being included in the census process. Ahmed pledged the media’s continued support in raising awareness about the significance of the census to achieve its desired objectives. NPC Denounces Fake Recruitment Email for Census Ad-hoc Staff

The NPC’s commitment to safeguarding personal information and their extensive preparations demonstrate their dedication to conducting a successful and secure population and housing census in 2023.

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