NDE: Leading the Charge in Job Creation and Empowering Nigerians


The Bureau of Public Service Reforms (BPSR) has recognized the National Directorate of Employment (NDE) as the leading job creation agency of the Federal Government, lauding its remarkable performance in implementing training schemes and other initiatives to generate employment opportunities. The BPSR emphasized that the NDE has consistently provided sustainable jobs to numerous Nigerians through various programs over the years. However, the report highlighted that insufficient funding remains a significant challenge for the NDE’s operations.

The BPSR presented its assessment report on the NDE’s operations, strengths, weaknesses, and recommendations for improvement and enhanced performance in Abuja last week. Dr. Dasuki Arabi, the Director-General of BPSR, stated that the report was based on assessment tools deployed to evaluate the directorate’s performance. During a special presentation of the report to the NDE management, Dr. Arabi revealed that the NDE achieved a level three silver grade, scoring 63.6 percent. He commended the NDE for meeting expectations in all essential areas of responsibility and exceeding the established standards. Dr. Arabi awarded the NDE’s Director-General, Mallam Abubakar Nuhu Fikpo, the level three silver award of excellence.

Dr. Arabi further explained that the BPSR was tasked with assessing all federal government agencies to determine their relevance and contribution to delivering democratic dividends to Nigerians. He mentioned that the NDE was the 106th agency to be evaluated by the BPSR in Nigeria. The BPSR conducted on-site visits to NDE offices nationwide to examine their activities, and the findings were satisfactory.

The BPSR expressed its willingness to collaborate with the NDE in seeking development partners for job creation. Dr. Arabi stated, “We are willing to work together with the NDE to sustain its achievements and help the directorate overcome its challenges.” He also mentioned ongoing discussions to connect potential beneficiaries of the federal government student loans policy with the NDE, ensuring that graduating students acquire the necessary skills.

The assessment report highly praised the NDE for its effective delivery of blue-collar jobs through skills acquisition and entrepreneurship development, as well as for regularly reviewing programs and strategies to align with changing job market conditions. The NDE was also recognized for its collaborations with private and government agencies to expand job creation opportunities and for adhering to financial guidelines and national/international standards.

Other notable achievements highlighted in the report included the NDE’s provision of marketable skills and trades that can be learned within short durations, the establishment of NDE skill acquisition centers in all states and nearly all local government areas in the country, and the utilization of standardized artisans to enhance skills training nationwide.

Dr. Arabi emphasized the importance of empowering the NDE to fully embrace its tasks, responsibilities, and assignments as mandated by the law that established it.

Mallam Abubakar Nuhu Fikpo, the Director-General of the NDE, expressed delight and appreciation for the report, commending the BPSR for aligning with the government’s priorities and evaluating the directorate accordingly. He encouraged unemployed individuals, particularly youth, to take advantage of the job opportunities provided by the NDE on behalf of the Federal Government.

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