SHI TONG -ANION ANTI BLUE-RAY SPEC- (Different Vision, Wonderful World).
👉 Protect Eyes, Light & Flexible, Unisex.
👉 Helps keep your eyes feeling fresh.
👉 Enhance the self-recovery and adjustment ability of the eyes.
👉Relieve eye fatigue, improve oxygen supply around the eyes.
👉 Eliminate uncomfortable symptoms such as dry eyes, astringent eyes, eye irritation and sore eyes.
👉Promote blood circulation and metabolism in the eyes.
👉Increase the temperature of subcutaneous cells and expand capillaries.
👉Help the eyes to recover themselves and keep the eyes healthy and more!
N45,000 only
Solution to female reproductive system aka female fertility booster. It goes for #40,000
High Blood Pressure 50 Caps N14,500

Solution to all gynecological problems eg. Infection of any kind, fibroid, ovarian cyst, fallopian tube blockage etc. This pack goes for N35,000
Men prostate remedy pack with lots of other benefits #49,000
For Diabetes N14,500

Purely organic #17,500
Your perfect solution to diabetes. This set goes for #28,000 only
For detoxification consider the pack and it goes for #16,000 only

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