6 Highest Paying Teaching Jobs in Nigeria


Teaching has always been a profession driven by passion and a desire to shape young minds. In Nigeria, the perception of teaching as a low-paying job is changing rapidly, with an increasing number of opportunities offering attractive financial rewards.

In this blog post, we will delve into the realm of high-paying teaching jobs in Nigeria, shedding light on the exciting possibilities available for educators seeking both professional and financial growth.

Whether you’re an aspiring teacher or a seasoned professional, this guide will help you navigate the path to a rewarding teaching career in Nigeria. The 6 Highest Paying Teaching Jobs in Nigeria are as follows:

University Professors and Senior Lecturers

Universities are home to some of the most esteemed teaching positions in Nigeria. Professors and senior lecturers, with their extensive knowledge, research expertise, and advanced degrees, command impressive salaries.

Besides teaching, they are expected to engage in cutting-edge research and contribute to the academic development of their institutions. In addition to attractive remuneration, university professors often receive research grants, sabbatical opportunities, and funding for attending conferences and seminars.

International School Educators

International schools in Nigeria, catering to a diverse student population, offer highly competitive teaching positions. These schools follow international curricula, providing teachers with the chance to explore innovative teaching methodologies.

Qualified and experienced educators in subjects such as mathematics, sciences, humanities, and foreign languages are in high demand. In addition to generous salaries, international school teachers often enjoy benefits like housing allowances, medical coverage, professional development opportunities, and the chance to work in a multicultural environment.

Private School Administrators

With the rise of quality-focused private schools, experienced administrators are essential for their success. Private school principals and administrators who demonstrate strong leadership skills, a solid educational background, and effective management abilities can expect substantial compensation.

These positions often come with additional perks, including housing allowances, transportation, performance-based bonuses, and the opportunity to shape the overall direction of the institution.

Secondary School STEM Teachers

The increasing emphasis on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education in Nigeria has created a high demand for qualified STEM teachers at the secondary school level. Skilled educators with expertise in subjects like physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics, and computer science are sought after by both public and private secondary schools.

These subject specialists can secure attractive salaries and benefits due to their ability to prepare students for higher education and careers in these rapidly advancing fields.

Vocational and Technical Education Instructors

As the Nigerian government places a renewed focus on vocational and technical education, the demand for qualified instructors in these fields has grown. Skilled professionals who can teach practical skills such as electrical engineering, automobile mechanics, plumbing, fashion design, and catering are highly valued.

Vocational and technical instructors can find rewarding positions in government institutions, private vocational schools, and specialized training centers. These roles often offer competitive salaries and the satisfaction of equipping students with valuable employable skills.

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Specialized Tutors and Exam Coaches

With the increasing competitiveness of entrance exams, such as the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME), many students seek private tutoring to excel. Skilled tutors who can guide students through exam preparation, provide subject-specific coaching, and deliver personalized instruction can command high hourly rates.

These tutors may specialize in subjects like mathematics, English language, physics, chemistry, and biology. Additionally, they may also offer coaching for professional exams, such as the West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) or the National Common Entrance Examination (NCEE).


Gone are the days when teaching was considered a low-paying profession in Nigeria. Today, the country offers numerous high-paying teaching opportunities across various educational sectors.

Whether you aspire to teach at the university level, work in an international school, take on a leadership role in a private institution, specialize in STEM education, teach vocational skills, or provide personalized tutoring, there is a lucrative teaching career awaiting you.

While qualifications, experience, and subject expertise are crucial, it is equally important to maintain a passion for education, dedication to professional growth, and a commitment to making a positive impact on students’ lives.

Embrace the rewarding journey of teaching in Nigeria and unlock the doors to a fulfilling and financially satisfying career.

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