Health Coordinator Job Recruitment in Maigudiguri, Nigeria – 12-Month Contract

Première Urgence Internationale (PUI) is a global humanitarian organization with over 40 years of experience, providing support to nearly 6 million beneficiaries worldwide. With a yearly budget exceeding 100 million Euros, PUI operates in 22 countries across five continents. Their dedicated team comprises more than 2,000 national staff members, around 200 expatriates representing 45 different nationalities, and 90 employees at headquarters.

PUI is known for its integrated approach, aiming to understand and address the needs of individuals affected by crises comprehensively. By delivering rapid responses to basic needs, PUI helps affected populations regain their independence and dignity. To learn more about PUI’s history, values, and areas of intervention, visit their website.

Details for Health Coordinator Job Recruitment in Maigudiguri, Nigeria are as follows:

Focus on PUI’s Activities in Nigeria

Since 2016, PUI has been actively working in Nigeria, primarily focusing on health, nutrition, and protection. Additionally, PUI engages in activities related to psychosocial support (PSS), food security through cash transfers, early recovery, and livelihood. Presently, the mission in Nigeria is implementing three projects.

About the Health Coordinator Role

As the Health Coordinator, your primary responsibility will be to develop and implement PUI’s operational Health strategy in Nigeria. You will ensure the quality of current and future Health programs throughout all stages, including design, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation. Building the capacity of the mission’s Health department and providing technical support to project teams, particularly the Health Project Managers, will be vital. Additionally, you will represent PUI to authorities, humanitarian actors, and donors within the Health sector.

Key Responsibilities:

  1. Context Analysis/Strategy/Development: Participate in developing the operational strategy in Health and contribute to designing relevant Health interventions in alignment with PUI’s Health policy and intervention framework. Conduct epidemiological monitoring and analyze public health strengths and weaknesses in coordination with the Health team.
  2. Programs Quality: Provide technical support and ensure the effectiveness and quality of the mission’s Health programs, collaborating closely with the program teams and Health Program Managers.
  3. Representation/Coordination: Serve as PUI’s representative for the Health sector, engaging with partners, donors, national authorities, and local actors. Attend Health Cluster and Health sector coordination group meetings to facilitate information sharing.
  4. Human Resources/Training: Offer technical support to project teams, especially the Health teams. Assist project managers in recruiting technical staff for the Health department. Identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and gaps within the Health department in collaboration with the Head of Mission, Deputy Head of Mission for Programs, and HQ Health Advisor. Oversee Health training content and the quality of Health activities based on identified needs.
  5. Logistics and Administration: Ensure compliance with logistic and administrative procedures by the teams under your supervision. Keep the logistic and administrative departments informed of any relevant developments.
  6. Security: Contribute to adhering to security rules on the mission and share security-related information with your line manager and/or the mission’s security manager. Assist in choosing referral options for the healthcare of the mission’s expatriates when necessary.

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Challenges Faced in the Role:

  1. Fulfilling program pharmaceutical needs due to delays in international orders, customs restrictions on drug imports, and donor procurement policies.
  2. Limited access to the implementation area, hindering monitoring and supervision of activities due to restricted road movements. Experience in remote management and familiarity with similar contexts are essential.
  3. Challenging support from Ministry of Health officials affecting program implementation. Recurring disease outbreaks and acute malnutrition pose additional pressure on the health system and ongoing projects.

Qualifications for Success:

  1. Training: Medical diploma or Paramedic training, with completion of a Medical Internship. A Master’s degree in Pharmacy, Public Health, or Project Management would be advantageous.
  2. Experience: Minimum of 3 years of experience in the field, coordinating medical projects with international NGOs. Previous experience as a Medical Coordinator or in a similar position would be highly valued. Familiarity with Première Urgence Internationale’s work is a definite asset.
  3. Skills: Proficiency in humanitarian project management, team management, and a comprehensive understanding of donor requirements. Excellent writing skills are essential.
  4. Qualities: Strong communication skills in both written and verbal forms, team spirit, decision-making abilities, trustworthiness, responsibility, organizational skills, responsiveness, attention to detail, and adaptability. Ability to handle stress, particularly in unstable circumstances.
  5. Languages: Fluency in English is mandatory. Proficiency in Arabic, Spanish, and/or French would be advantageous.

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