14 Employment Support Programs in Canada for Female Immigrants from Nigeria


Canada offers a diverse range of programs and initiatives to support female immigrants from Nigeria in their integration into the Canadian workforce. These programs aim to address various challenges such as gender-based discrimination, racial and ethnic bias in hiring practices, unequal pay, limited career opportunities, and the lack of affordable childcare. Here is an overview of the employment support programs available:

  1. Women at Risk (WAR) Program – Implemented by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), this program provides urgent protection and support for vulnerable women, without the requirement to demonstrate settlement potential. However, applicants and their dependents must meet necessary Canadian entrance examinations to receive assistance through the Urgent Protection Program (UPP).
  2. Racialized Newcomer Women Pilot (RNWP) Program – Also administered by IRCC, this program focuses on offering settlement services and support specifically tailored to racialized newcomer women. Its goal is to enhance their employment outcomes and career advancement, thereby promoting their equal participation in the Canadian economy. In January 2023, additional funding was announced for the RNWP program. ECOWAS, and WHO are also recruiting

Additionally, various organizations and associations at the provincial and territorial levels provide employment services and support for newcomer women. Some notable ones include:

  1. Making Changes Employment Association of Alberta, Calgary – This association is dedicated to empowering women seeking employment, providing a secure and supportive environment to help them progress within the community.
  2. Calgary Immigrant Women’s Association – Offering a wide range of programs, this organization assists immigrant women in areas such as daily navigation, employment search, mentorship opportunities, and tailored language training to meet general and job-specific needs.
  3. Women’s Economic Council in Vancouver, British Columbia – This charitable organization focuses on promoting the involvement of all women in creating resilient and inclusive economies, with particular attention to those facing systemic obstacles.
  4. Immigrant Women Services Ottawa – This organization provides crisis intervention, counseling, interpretation, translation, and settlement and integration programs to support immigrant women in Ottawa.
  5. Umoja Operation Compassion Society, Surrey, British Columbia – Collaborating with recent immigrants and refugees from diverse backgrounds, this charity offers tailored programs to assist immigrants in their daily lives, job searches, and specialized services designed specifically for women.
  6. Access Alliance Multicultural Health & Community Services, Ontario – A service provider for immigrants and refugees, Access Alliance aims to improve the health outcomes of individuals made vulnerable by systemic barriers and poverty.
  7. International Women of Saskatoon – This organization offers a range of programs and services to newcomer women, including employment and job search support, specialized language testing, settlement resources, and community engagement assistance.
  8. Manitoba Start – Employment Solutions for Immigrants Inc., Winnipeg – Located in Winnipeg, this employment services agency assists immigrants in finding employment and navigating their daily lives in Canada, with programs specifically tailored to women.
  9. YWCA Halifax, Nova Scotia – YWCA Halifax provides services aimed at promoting leadership, health, wellness, economic and housing security, quality and accessible early learning and childcare, and ending violence against women and girls.
  10. The Northwest Resource Centre for Newcomers Inc., Edmundston, New Brunswick – This non-profit organization focuses on helping newcomers settle in the region by facilitating their social, economic, educational, and cultural integration. They offer resources, learning and mentoring services, networking, and support.
  11. The NWT Literacy Council, Yellowknife, Northwest Territories – A not-for-profit organization, the NWT Literacy Council promotes and supports literacy and essential skills in all official languages of the Northwest Territories.
  12. The Immigrant & Refugee Services Association PEI Inc., Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island – This association provides a wide range of services for Canadian newcomers, including language programs and assistance with employment search.

ECOWAS, and WHO are also recruiting.

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