NDLEA Recruitment Issues Clarified.


Yesterday, the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) conducted a live session on Twitter to clarify some issues regarding the ongoing recruitment and screening exercise. The agency provided valuable information to prospective candidates to guide them in the application process and screening exercise.

The NDLEA advised candidates who encountered the error 500 message on the portal during registration to refresh the page to fix the issue. It was also emphasized that candidates who printed their application forms and did not see their passport photograph need not worry as long as their application number was generated.

The agency warned candidates against applying for positions they are not qualified for, as they will not be considered during the screening exercise. It was made clear that new documents other than those uploaded during the application process would not be recognized.

Prospective candidates were informed that the agency would not condone any attempt to use personal connections to secure employment. The NDLEA emphasized that only qualified candidates would be offered the job.

It was disclosed that after the closure of the application portal, it would take two weeks to sort out the applications and shortlist candidates. The screening exercise is expected to commence in the second week of June 2023 at the JOS Camp.

The NDLEA also cautioned candidates to obtain genuine credentials from their institutions, as the agency would not accept any document that is not valid or is unclear. Double application was deemed an automatic disqualification.

In addition, the agency specified that guarantors must be individuals of high reputation and integrity, such as civil servants, religious leaders, military personnel, and chairmen of recognized organizations.

Prospective candidates are advised to take note of these guidelines as they navigate the recruitment and screening exercise.

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