Reasons why NPC Postponed Enumerators/Supervisors Training.


The National President has announced a delay in the training of census enumerators and supervisors due to various challenges. The decision to increase the training was taken to improve the accuracy of the census results, but several issues have emerged which have caused the delay.

One of the main challenges is the incomplete release of names of enumerators and supervisors by the leaders in charge of the census. It was discovered that many states still need a large number of enumerators and supervisors, and until this issue is resolved, the training cannot begin.

Additionally, changes in the project’s methodology have been identified by the technical team, which necessitates more time for training. The team has proposed that each enumerator should work in a team of five people, with four people assigned as Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs) to collect data while one person acts as a reserve. This method requires additional training time to ensure its success.

Furthermore, there is a shortage of classrooms and seats for supervisors, and some school owners have not yet given permission for their use. Also, there is a shortage of teachers for each class, which is causing further delays.

The President has expressed regret for the delay and has instructed the census leaders to work on resolving these challenges urgently so that training can commence as soon as possible.

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