NPC Training: All You Need to Know about Accreditation, Requirements, and Venue

As the year 2023 kicks off, the National Population Commission (NPC) will commence a nationwide training for Enumerators and Supervisors from 13th -19th April, 2023.

This is aimed at building the capacity of selected applicants to effectively carry out their duties as ad-hoc staff during the next population census.

The NPC training program includes accreditation and training, which are essential for all successful applicants.

In this blog post, we will provide you with all the information you need to know about NPC accreditation, including requirements, venue, and other relevant details to ensure that you have a seamless experience throughout the training program.

So, let’s dive right in!

I haven’t received any text messages, but I’ve been approved?

Be patient till the end of 11th April. If you don’t receive any text messages by the end of 11th April, go to the Npc office and the various centres on the 12th.

Where are we going for accreditation?

At your centre.

What if your name is not on the shortlist?

Provided you have been approved, you are automatically qualified for the training.

Can I do my accreditation and NPC training in another LGA?

No, you are to do your accreditation in the local Government you chose.

What are the requirements for accreditation?

NPC accreditation requirements?

On accreditation day you will be asked the following:
1, National identification Number (NIN)
2, NPC application code
3, Highest certificate uploaded during registration
4, Android phone.
5, Invitation SMS or Email if received.
6, Bank Details.

My status is still pending. Can I attend the NPC training?

Yes, you can attend the training as a gatecrasher. But those who have been approved will be of more priority.

Can I register now?

No, the portal is closed.

I didn’t register, can I go for the NPC training?

No, it’s only for those who have registered and have a valid Application ID.

How long will the NPC training last?

This current training will last for days.

Please is there any way you can know your venue for the NPC training If you’ve not gotten invitation message?

You may go NPC office, or go the any centre of your choice within your chosen PPA.

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