Update for Data Quality Assurance Training

In a recent update from the National Population Commission (NPC), it has been revealed that successful applicants who applied as Data Quality Assurance (DQA) personnel and underwent screening have been absorbed into either the Enumerator or Supervisor roles.

According to the NPC handle, these newly absorbed personnel are expected to join enumerators and supervisors during the upcoming training sessions which will be held in two phases. The first phase of the training is scheduled to hold from the 11th to the 17th of April, while the second phase will hold from the 25th to the 30th of April.

This development represents a significant milestone in the ongoing effort by the NPC to conduct a successful population census exercise in the country. By incorporating these DQA personnel into the enumerator and supervisor roles, the commission has effectively strengthened its workforce and improved its chances of achieving an accurate and reliable census data.

It is expected that the NPC will continue to provide updates and relevant information regarding the upcoming census exercise, and stakeholders are advised to remain vigilant and stay informed in order to contribute their quota towards the success of the exercise.

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