Pending Applicants Should not attend Training

In preparation for the upcoming census exercise, the Makurdi Area Office of the National Population Commission (NPC) has released a clarification on frequently asked questions (FAQ) by applicants who registered to work as ad-hoc staff for the census exercise.

According to the NPC, Markudi one of the most commonly asked questions by applicants is why their application status is still on “pending”. The NPC explained that there are two possible reasons for this, either the applicant did not fully complete the application form during registration or their application was not approved.

For those whose applications were not approved, the NPC cited reasons such as failing to participate in the screening exercise or not meeting the required grades to be selected. Furthermore, the NPC revealed that for Makurdi Local Government Area alone, over 8,000 applicants were screened for just 1,870 available ad-hoc staff positions. This means that over 6,000 applications will not be selected.

Regarding the possibility of attending training even with a pending application status, the NPC made it clear that only those with approved applications would be allowed to attend training. Therefore, applicants with pending status should not report to the training center.

For successful candidates, the NPC advised them to upload their account details on the portal and join a WhatsApp group created for them by forwarding their name and WhatsApp number to the Comptroller via 08131299985. The NPC also stated that a Google form would be sent to the group for them to enter their required details, and they would receive an invitation to the training two days before it commences.

This information is specifically for applicants who registered in Makurdi Local Government Area. It is not binding to all applicants across the country as some LGA approved less than the quota needed. Here’s what to do.

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  1. Nnadozie Rita Odinakachi

    I opened the link for registration of NPC but it continues asking for code. I need the code to register please.

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