Download the 2023 Census Manual Pdf: A Comprehensive Guide to the Nigerian Census


Nigeria’s history of census-taking dates back to 1871, with the first few censuses being population estimates. However, inaccurate results plagued subsequent censuses, with the 1991 census finally breaking the myth of failed censuses in Nigeria.

As Nigeria prepares for its 2023 Population and Housing Census, the Commission is adopting innovative approaches, including Computer-Assisted Personal Interviews (CAPI) and Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) devices to reduce paper usage and environmental impact.

To ensure accurate data collection, the manual for the 2023 census is an essential guide for all field functionaries. The manual provides detailed instructions on how to administer questionnaires and other census forms, making it an indispensable training material.

With the inclusion of data on climate change, the census will provide valuable information for planning programmes in education, health, housing, and other social services, as well as helping the private sector to plan their activities.

To make the manual accessible, interested individuals can download the 2023 Census Manual Pdf. The success of the census relies on the strong commitment and technical support of international and local institutions led by the UNFPA.

All field functionaries must participate fully in the training programme and refer to the manual whenever they need clarification. By collecting accurate data, we can make informed decisions that will help Nigeria grow and prosper.

Download the 2023 Census Manual Pdf

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