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Rumors of Postponement of LGA Level Training for Supervisors and Enumerators Circulate on WhatsApp

Earlier today, various messages via WhatsApp were circulating and indicating that the LGA level training for Supervisors and Enumerators has  been postponed. 

This is the message:

Training on hold till further notice….

Good evening sir/ma. 

Following the conclusion at the meeting of the Hon Chairman, the HFCs on site and the management, the refresher training planned for the Specialised Workforce and DQMs has been approved to commence on Tuesday 28th March 2023 . 

The state is enjoined to make arrangements for number of classrooms indicated against  each state for SWF in the attached table. 

Also, you may wish to be informed that the LGA level training has been put on hold and as such will no longer start on Monday 31st March 2023. 

A new date will be communicated in due course. 

Thank you sir/ma”

While we await official announcement to ascertain the truth of this romour, we ask that you be calm and wait.

Though there are various indications that the National Population Commission is still fixing things, one sure thing will be that the invitation for training will be sent via email to all shortlisted applicants.

It has been confirmed that this message is true. Read here about the new date for training.

Meanwhile, it has been confirm that census will start on the 3rd of May.

Those whose statuses are still pending are advised to go for the training.

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  1. This message is confusing, in the first place. 31st March is Friday next week and not Monday as contained in the message. Again, the said refresher training for SWF has never been on the front burner of discussion on this is blue app. Hence, we need a clarification on this subject matter by concerned officials.

  2. Please my problem is pending issues I have done everything both screening, up till now is still pending, please let NPC kindly approve me and other youth who have the same issues.

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