NPC Training Guidelines: Attendance, Equipment, and Tips for Success

A new documentation session will be held during the first week of training, and it is crucial to attend. Failure to attend will result in no payment.

Please ensure that you are aware of the training venue in your State and local government.

All participants are required to bring their Android phones and power banks to the training session.

Pregnant women and nursing mothers are not eligible to participate in the training exercise.

Pay close attention to what is being taught at the training center since your success is dependent on it.

Training allowances will be deposited into the account that you submitted.

Study the PDF files released by NPC since understanding the acronyms will enable you to comprehend the training material.

It is critical not to miss any training sessions since attendance is significant.

If you miss the training, your name may be removed from the program.

Here’s what to do if your status is still pending

To those with Npc Pending Issues
Those with Pending Issues should exercise patience and make sure they participate in the forthcoming Training exercise of Supervisors and Enumerators at the LGA of the state as Gate-crashers as many will still be selected after the training.

Text messages will be sent to participants indicating their venue and date of training. Moreso, names of those shortlisted will be pasted according to classes at different LGA where the training will take place.

The link to check the training venues across the federation will be made available here soon.

NPC Classroom things to notes.

  1. Your android phone is compulsory. …get enough data bundles on it….
  2. No food for any trainees during recess/break time but you shall be paid for it after training.
  3. Nursing mothers are strictly not allow… you wouldn’t cope. I bet it.
  4. Late coming in the morning is an avenue to sieve you without the main test or Exam.
  5. Training commences by 8.30am and may likely to end by 6pm everyday.
  6. WhatsApp group is compulsory for any class you belong/find yourself during the cause of the training. 6. Facilitators are to posses the skills to pedagogue the basics topics for better delivery…
  7. PDA is the power… please you should know how to operate android phone Sirs/Mas. These are just the snippets to note before you enter the game.

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  1. Please how do i change from co-odinator to supervisor, an how to check whether mine is pending or not?

  2. Good morning sir,
    Those who NPC Quality Assurance Assistance/Rovers and Field Coordinators that they’re application status was approved. Is there any training for them or not. Or they’ll be no need of those positions to carried out the NPC work?
    Please your respond is important.

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