March 25, 2023

The Enumerator is the most important census functionary and key to the
success of the census process. S/he interacts directly with the respondents. The
Enumerator reports to the Field Supervisor
The duties of an Enumerator are to:
a. fetch the assigned EA.
b. locate and identify the boundary of EA.
c. carry out building numbering and household listing.
d. interview all households and individuals in the EA.
e. be responsible and report any issues that may arise during data
collection to the Field Supervisor and
f. report PDA issues to the Supervisor and DQA for support for

Working Hours and Duration of Enumeration

Enumeration in the 2023 Population and Housing Census will be conducted
within the census reference period. This is the zero hour of 29rd March, 2023 to
zero hour of 3rd, April, 2023. Enumeration should not commence before the
midnight of the first census day, or continue after the expiration of the census
reference period.

Enumerators must arrive at the EA immediately after training for
updating, building numbering, and household listing exercises. During the
census, you will work until enumeration of all households in the EA(s)
assigned to your set is completed.

It is essential that enumerators visit all households in their assigned EA and
enumerate all members physically present within the census reference period.
Therefore, enumerators should not stay longer than necessary in any
household or with any individual.

They will have to work outside the normal
working hours during the enumeration period. They should work hard to
complete their assignment during the Census Reference Period. If it becomes
obvious that they cannot finish on time, they should report the matter as soon
as possible to their Field Supervisor.

But, under no circumstance should enumerators stop working until they have completed enumeration in the whole Enumeration Area. Enumerators must also not observe any fixed working hours.

They will have to work longer than usual since some respondents or entire households are only available at certain hours of the day. The use of call back cards will assist them in covering these persons. Enumerators are to give their best in order to finish the enumeration within the census reference period

Enumerator DOs and DON’Ts

As an Enumerator, it is expected that you possess team spirit which is necessary
for a successful enumeration. You and your colleague enumerator form an
enumeration team, however, in some cases, you may be required to work alone.
Both of you have equal responsibilities and functions and will be assigned one
PDA for the enumeration.

You will work under the guidance and supervision of the Field Supervisor and
bring to his/her notice all di

As an enumerator you are required to:

a. attend all training sessions regularly and punctually; study the manual of instructions carefully and understand it thoroughly; keep the manual under study and seek guidance from it at all times. If any part of the instructions is not clear, seek advice and assistance from your Field Supervisor.

b. obtain the materials as listed in Table 1 from your Field Supervisor and report promptly to the Field Supervisor when running out of materials or there are issues with the Personal Digital Assistant.

c. check the digital map and boundaries of your EA before you leave the training centre after the completion of your training.

d. ensure that your map and attributes match your area of assignment after locating the Enumeration Area.

 e. visit all fully and partially occupied buildings in the EA, number them and list all their households.

f. paste or display the census posters provided to you in conspicuous places in the EA.

 g. create good relationships with household heads and their members.

h. you should avoid discussions on politics, religion and security matters during enumeration. Team spirit is necessary for successful enumeration.

 i. respect the culture and customs of the area that you are working; j. ensure correct and complete entering of information supplied in the PDA

 k. complete all other census documents or forms supplied to you l. ensure that questionnaires are duly completed as per instructions before streaming to the central server and before final submission of equipment to the Field Supervisor.

m. ensure the safety of all census materials in your care as well as your personal security. It is important that your ID card is with you at all times.

 n. in cases where you notice security issues or suspicious activities, report to your Field Supervisor immediately;

o. ensure that you do not avail your census materials to unauthorised persons;

p. assist in every aspect of census operation whenever you are called upon by your Field Supervisor.

q. drop a callback card where there are persons that are not available at the time of your visit, and ensure that you revisit the household;

r. you should complete enumeration of all households in your EA. Under no circumstance should you leave an interview in any household uncompleted. Where this is unavoidable despite several callbacks, bring it to the notice of your Supervisor as soon as possible before the enumeration ends; and

Expected Behaviour

Expected Behaviour An enumerator is considered to be a responsible, qualified and honest citizen of Nigeria. Therefore, you should act as a good ambassador of your community and the nation at large. You must be patient in any difficult situation, because showing emotion may harm the entire operation. You must avoid discussions on politics, religion and security with members of the public once you are on the field. Although awareness and advocacy have been made to elicit the cooperation of the people prior to this time, the success of the census will depend upon how well you relate with your respondents.

Visit to Community Leader(s)

On arrival at the locality of assignment, an enumerator led by the supervisor should visit the community leader. Do not assume that the community leader should have heard of your coming. Some village heads may not have heard. Therefore, before any commencement of work in the EA your team should:

a. call on the village head and elders.

b. make yourself and your mission known to the community leader and politely ask for cooperation and assistance.

 c. be well mannered and friendly.

 d. not create panic, fear or misunderstanding.

 e. wear simple cloth that is acceptable with the culture of the locality of assignment

Household Entry

 An enumeration team should pay a visit to community leaders to explain their mission. After obtaining permission from the community leader, the team will then proceed to their EA of assignment. At this stage, enumerators must ensure that they observe and respect all the rules and customs governing visits to other peoples’ homes in the area of assignment. For example:

‘Knock before you enter and greet persons you meet in the customary way with a smile. Ask for the head of household or any adult member of the household and explain the purpose of your visit

You may, for instance, introduce yourself as follows:

‘Good morning (Afternoon or Evening depending on the time of the day). Sir/Madam, you may have heard of the Population and Housing Census that is currently taking place throughout the country. I am a Census Enumerator (produce your identity card if required) and my work is to number the buildings, list the households and enumerate every person in this area. The information you give me shall be kept strictly confidential. The data collected in the Census will be helpful in the formulation of policies and planning for the welfare of the people. I will not take much of your valuable time.

Communication between you and the respondents must be in the language that is understood by you and the respondents. Where a respondent does not speak any language you understand, any member of the household or neighbour with the approval of the respondent, may help. Where no member of the household can assist and your respondents do not want help from their neighbours, consult your Field Supervisor as soon as possible. Your Field Supervisor would either ask another enumerator to assist you or may arrange for an interpreter if required.

Interviewing Techniques for Census

Data for the 2023 PHC will be collected by means of face-to-face interviews with respondents. It is therefore appropriate to acquaint Enumerators with some interviewing techniques. The enumerators should be aware that the whole exercise of conducting a National Census is dependent on how well they interact with the respondents. Chapter Seven of the Manual is devoted to discussing how Enumerators would elicit responses from the household respondents.

Retrieval of Documents

 At the end of enumeration, the PDAs and other instruments are retrieved from functionaries The materials provided to them must be accounted for. The materials provide to theme must be accounted for. A retrieval form will be used to clear functionaries off the field. Functionaries will have to sign a digital form to return their materials, which include:

a. personal Digital Assistant (PDA)

 b. charger

c. power Bank

 d. unused stickers

e. other sensitive documents used and unused during enumeration.

f. unused call back cards

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