NPC Adhoc Recruitment

Update: How to Register for NPC 2023 Census Adhoc Staff Recruitment

National Population Commission had closed their Registration for NPC Adhoc Staff but you can still register following exactly as the instruction is below:

Click the below

When the portal opens, click on start application.

You will see a drop out “start application with code” click on it, a space will open for you to enter the code.

Don’t enter any code or number.

Just click on “proceed“, it will take you to the applications channel. Accept all the condition to proceed to the application. 

Note: in the process of verifying your NIN, don’t be panic if you see any notification as in “NIN verification unavailable” click okay. It will now take you your application profile.

Make sure you are ready to start the registration from beginning to the end else you might have difficulty along the way.

Do you want to know what to do if your status is still pending, click here


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  1. In the area of clicking “PROCEED” without APPLICATION CODE, it is not going through. How do we go about it?

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