March 25, 2023

It is very important that you know your training centres before the day of training to avoid confusion.

So I’ve been able to compiled all 2023 Census Centres in the 36 states including FCT. While you wait for the day of training, take your time to peruse through all the necessary information that is needed.

In case you didn’t find your states, kindly let me know in the comment section and I will come to your aid.

You can also edit your application if you have been approved.

The files below are in Microsoft Excel. For you to view the download files you , kindly download WPS from playstore or Phoenix browswer.

Click download to download the state of your choice

Also note that some states have not submitted their training centres while some have not given the complete list. Keep checking this page for updates.

12 thoughts on “2023 Census Training Centres for 36 States.

  1. Good day sir/ ma. Ibadan north local government training center was not included among the ones you posted. I am from Oyo state. Kindly help me with that.Thanks

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