NPC AdHoc Staff: How to Complete Your Registration

The NPC Adhoc Portal was opened for those who haven’t completed their applications to successfully complete theirs.

If you started the registration previously but couldn’t complete it because you didn’t meet the deadline, the NPC Adhoc Staff portal is opened for you.

To continue with your previous application, go to

Then click on “start application” and click “Start with code”. A dialogue box will pop up for you to enter your application ID.

Enter your NPC application ID that was generated previously when you started the registration. The ID usually starts with NPC-CE- followed by series of digits.

If you can’t remember your application ID, do not worry. Just use the NIN you used for the registration.

Once you enter your application ID or NIN, click proceed and you will taken to form where you’ll fill and complete your application.  

Note: This process is only for those who started but couldn’t complete the registration. This means, their application codes had previously been generated. If you enter your NIN when you haven’t generated your application ID previously, it won’t work on the portal.

Also note that you cannot start a fresh registration. This is not for those who wish to edit their submitted application.


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