NPC Adhoc Staff: What to do if Your Status is Pending?

Many polls have demonstrated that so many people are yet to be approved. This is could be due to many factors which include, being screened out, approval in progress, network issues, etc. You can read here for more about pending issues.

In case you are not approved by the National Population Commission for 2023 census, what should you do?

The most important point in this 2023 census is the training. There’ll be many people who won’t make it to the training. You’ll stand a better chance of being approved in the training ground.

So if you are not approved until the training date, kindly go for the training as the most important aspect of the exercise is the training.

This is evident in the previous training where many people who weren’t invited for the facilitators and specialised workforce training were approved when they attended the training.

And try to do well in the training. There’s no way you won’t be approved.

Most people now know that whether approved or not, they can go for the training but the truth remains that those who have been approved are of higher priority.

This means most people with pending issues who go for the training for enumerators and supervisors might come back home of they do not do well.

So, my advice is for you to be overzealous during the training as this is a 50/50 percent chance for those with pending status.

Some people got approved after changing their PPA. If your chosen PPA is full, there’s not way you’ll get approved. Learn more

26 thoughts on “NPC Adhoc Staff: What to do if Your Status is Pending?”

  1. Newton Confidence Esomuchim

    I actually applied for facilitator but I wasn’t texted during the training and my dash board is still showing pending.
    What should be my faith pls

      1. Egbulefu Emmanuel Chinonso

        Please I have submitted my application as Facilitator but is still pending how do I change it to enumerator

  2. Nweke Gloria chukwunonso

    I couldn’t complete my registration but my status is showing pending
    So I don’t know what my fate will be

  3. We heard the information that the screeners use to collect money as a brive to approve applicant in some L.G.A, this is the reason why most of the people that suppose to be approve are still pending. The worst example is that they even prefer SSCE holders than a graduate

  4. Abdulrahman Alhaji Abubakar

    I couldn’t complete my registration and my status is showing pending and also retry access code

  5. Abdulaziz shuaibu

    I was invited for special workforce training but I didn’t make it to the training, due to some certain reasons. So I updated my bank account and my status is approved but didn’t receive my payment. Can I change to supervisor or I still have hope to get that special workforce???

  6. Ameh Cyril John

    i applied and have always been checking for my status, it’s showing me Pending… What should I do??

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