65 thoughts on “NPC Adhoc Staff: How to edit your application”

  1. Good day sir, i applied for Quality Assurance but i later discovered that the position has been scrapped out so i exited my position to enumerator. Yet my status is still pending. Pls help me sir.

    1. Terhemba Msughter

      I applied for it and even attend the screening yet, my status still pending.
      Here is my NPC number
      As enumerator

      1. Adebamijo Christianah Temitope

        Please where is the training center for facilitators and special work force that is holding tomorrow at Abeokuta Ogun state because no message yet I need help

  2. Pls I was unable to upload and submit my certificate and picture. I have edited my page but it keeps telling me to retry. Pls will I be approved

  3. Ekele Mercy Ojoma

    Good morning sir, i applied for training class administrators since early January but is still showing pending, please what will i do sir?

  4. Please how can I change my local government I learnt the one I used to register is filled up pls how can I edit ND change it pls tnk u

      1. Abu Abdulganiyu

        Please I have been approved how can i edit my edit my LGA area please I just changed location now and that other place is a bit far from me

  5. Terhemba Msughter

    Sir, I applied for NPC as enumerator, I attended the screening yet my status still showing pending.
    Here is my NPC number
    Thanks for your positive response, especially as I wait for a favourable outcome.
    Thank you sir

  6. Please I want to edit my profile especially my date of birth but the are telling me the website is not secure how can I do when it shows something like that

    1. Good day sir, please how will I edit my NPC application because I want to change the state and local government of primary assignment how will I go about it? Thank you

  7. Aminu Ahmad Zubairu

    Good day sir. Pls if one forget the state they applied and want recover it what is the way out, and my application got approved? Thank you.

  8. Aminu Ahmad Zubairu

    Good day. Pls I got approval but I’m doubting the state I choose for the training, is there any way I can recover that?

  9. Hello
    Pls, I need help
    My application is still pending despite editing but I received a message today that I should upload my Certificate.
    I only have my transcripts which someone helped me to upload.
    Pls, how can you help me in this situation.

    All those I shared the link with are already approved.
    Please, help me

  10. I wanted to edit it but is not going. I want to upload my cert. Have used /prev…..Thanks for your feedback

  11. Hello, pls I was unable to capture my picture during registration. I have been trying to edit application inorder to complete my application but am unable. Pls I need your assistance on the right site to edit and complete my application, thanks.

    1. Ayeni Pelumi Samson

      Hello, I apply for NPC during the period of my service year and register lagos as a place to carry out the exercise (Apapa precisely) thought that I will go back to Lagos after the service, and I received a message now that I should come to Apapa tomorrow morning and I’m in Abuja presently. What can I do

  12. I couldn’t upload my certificate and do my capturing.
    Please what can I do to complete my registration.
    Will going to my State NPC help?
    Or is there any other way?

  13. Peter inifiemi

    Sir, please my application is till pending and I have been to edit it but the site is opening for editing, what can I do ? help me please

  14. i have edit my details from specialized workforce to enumerator and i resubmit, i have being approved for the SPW bt unable to go to the training, my application still showing approved after i edit hope i will be call for the enumerator or ave they done their own too training, if yes what should i change it to?
    i await your guidance on the above information. Thanks

  15. Aderibigbe sarafadeen remi

    I need help concerning pending issue I have try best to get approved but it is pending please I need your assistant

  16. Ezemoyih Mary Nwanneka

    I applied as a special work force but I was unable to join the training I tried changing it to enumerator but did not succid.please help clean me out. ID Code:47851201334
    NIN No. 69120753457

  17. With regards and honor sir, This is my number if any assistance might be possible 08139603189. As I’m SWF. I didn’t paid me 13 days training allowance, pls. Look at my problem.

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