4 Reasons Your Application ID is showing Pending.

Today I’m going to tell you some of the reasons you have been screened and your status is still showing pending on the National Population recruitment portal.

For over a week now, many applicants all over Nigerian went for physical screening in preparation for training that is yet to be scheduled.

If you have been wondering why your Application Status in the NPC portal is still showing pending while some people have been approved, here are a few things that might be going on:

  • As you all know, the portal has been under pressure for the past two weeks. They might have approved your application, but the congestion isn’t allowing it to show in the portal. You need to give it some time before concluding that you were not shortlisted.
  • The essence of the screening was to select the best candidate. That you were screened is not a guarantee that you’ll approved for training. So if your status is showing pending, it could be that you were not selected.
  • Another reason could be that more people applied than the quota needed. If you notice, not everybody was sent text messages for screening. It was a measure used to decimate the number of applicants.
  • Some states are still screening and uploading names.

Today’s Update

Here are several reasons why an NPC Adhoc Staff Application Status could be PENDING when checked through the NPC Adhoc Staff Application Status Checker. These include:

  1. An Applicant hasn’t been Screened
  2. An Applicant has been Screened but omitted
  3. An Applicant has been Screened but has not been entered into the NPC Adhoc Staff Database – from where it can be read Online.
  4. An Applicant has been Screened but was not properly grouped, ward by ward

So, how can an NPC Enumerators and Supervisors get APPROVAL without Stress of constantly checking online or waiting for manners to fall from heaven?

The only way an NPC Enumerator and Supervisor can get APPROVAL without Stress is to visit or contact the NPC LGA Cordinator. The NPC LGA Cordinator is one of the NPC Officials that conducted/conducts the Screening in each LGA.

An Applicant should visit the NPC Office within his/her LGA and humbly request to see the NPC LGA Cordinator. The NPC LGA Cordinator will ask for NIN, NPC Adhoc Staff Registration Print Out (Hardcopy), then your Name and Phone Number.
Wait for the next 2days after meeting the NPC LGA Cordinator, then Check online to confirm if your Application has been Approved. If the Applicant’s Status is still PENDING after meeting the NPC LGA Cordinator, you will have to repeat the process.

The National Population Commission will in no distant time release the Final List of Enumerators and Supervisors (from Applicants whose Status says APPROVED). The Shortlisted Enumerators and Supervisors will be contacted via Email and Text Message to enrol for Self Learning and Virtual Class Room Training, and finally LGA Level Training.

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  1. I was amongst the first to apply same week the portal opened. But in shortlisting randomly, it came more from No’s. 5……, 6……, 7…….. & 8……. Leaving out mostly 1…….., 2………. Etc. Pls I plead that since I was not shortlisted my info should be deleted from NPC data site.

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