Simple recipe for making palm kernel oil at Home

There are many things one can use kernel oil to do. In fact too innumerable to mention. I grew up using locally made palm kernel oil. Then we applied it topically after bath, we normally will use it to treat convulsion, we used it to make black soap, we used it for ear pain,my grandma uses it to cook jellof rice. The numerous functions of palm kernel oil will be properly handled at the end of this post.

Palm kernel oil is made from the kernel of palm tree (Elaeis guinensis).  It is very easy to make. The homemade kernel oil is always blackish in colour.
There is a difference between palm oil and palm kernel oil. Palm oil is gotten from the fruits of palm tree while palm kernel is gotten from the kernel of palm tree.

Here are the simple steps for making palm kernel oil at home

  • Crack  the kernel with a stone to get to the nuts inside. You can also purchase one that has already been shelled already.
  • After shelling or if you but already shelled one, place the pot on medium heat and turn the kernel nuts into the pot.
  •  Gently use spoon to stir the kernel.( just like you roast groundnut) Keep stirring until the  oil starts coming out.
  • When the oil is completely extracted, the kernel will become very black
  • Use a strainer to separate the oil from the kernel and turn into a container for use.

Palm kernel oil is one of the most widely used oil both domestically and industrially. 

Let’s see the uses of palm kernel oil in a few brief paragraphs:

Use as Body Cream: Apart from adding  palm kernel oil to various cream products, it is used on it’s own as body cream. This has been practiced for donkey years by our fore fathers. It’s very soothing to the skin and gives it a a glowing and beautiful appearance.

Use for ear pain: You find the usage of palm kernel oil very common among the old people. This wonderful oil is used to treat ear pain. Putting a few drops of palm kernel oil can be very relieving to ear pain/aches.

Convulsions: Coming from a background where palm kernel oil is used extensively, I’ve seen parents use this oil  to treat convulsion. Immediately the convulsion starts, the child is immediately applied with palm kernel oil from the head to the eyes down to feet. It works in a very cool and effective way.

Soap Formulation: Palm kernel oil is widely used  domestically for making black soap and industrially for making various kinds of soap. It is not only soothing to skin but cheaper when compared to other types of oil used to make soap.

Cooking: Just like any other oil, palm kernel oil is used for cooking though it’s usage for cooking is not quite popular.

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