Discover the Secret to a Good Night’s Sleep: Natural Ways to Cure Insomnia


One of the most wonderful thing God made was rest in the form of sleep. Without 

sleep, our vital organs will deteriorate and function less. Sleep helps the body system and the mind to be refreshed, repaired and smart.

They are so many health benefits of a good sleep. I’ll talk about that in another post. If you’ve been having sleep problems, today your problem is solved.

I have provided so many options here from testimonies and experiences of people who had once suffered from sleeplessness and cured. The good thing about this remedies is that they have no side effect like the medicated ones.

Because of  differences that exist  in our different  body system, it is possible that not every solution here will work for you but at least one or two will work perfectly. Stick to what works for you and give us a feedback.

Here we go

  • Go and look for heart supporting tea, then check your bp, at night bath a warm bath, drink Your heart supporting tea, off your phone and think less walk straight to your bed and relax your head and sleep off
  • Get Moringa leaves and boil as tea for drinking 3 times a day or chew the seeds. The result will be amazing within 2 days. Just thank God not me
  • Prepare pap, add enough milk, finish a good quality and see the magic!Buy celery and apple. Take portion of the celery, add to an apple, add little water and blend, after blending, drink one full cup and then keep the remaining in the fridge.
  • Boil Lettuce leaves and drink
  • Tea or turmeric in fresh milk and drink
  • Are you in Nigeria go to any market where Hausa  sell things, ask of Zobo leaf, get  some and boil add nothing to it, then drink.
  • Boil green banana peel, add honey and drink while it’s cool…very effective.
  • Squeeze bitter leaf. Drink one glass cup and eat onions before going to bed. You will see the miracle.
  • Take like 5-6 seeds of orange and chew it. You will sleep like a baby.
  • Take Cocoa Beverage without sugar, make it thick, you will sleep deep.
  •  Get chamomile tea, add honey , take before going to bed, or get Forever Living , Aloe Blossom tea very nice, you will sleep like a baby.
  • Take cinnamon, honey and ginger am taking for weight loss but it makes me sleep too fine and is too much because am a student.
  • Blend ginger and garlic and warm it sieve the content…add 2 table spoon of honey, and 1 table spoon of Cinnamon add lemon to it too if you want take first thing in the morning and last thing at night.
  • In the night soak chamomile tea bag in your bathing water and take your bath warm milk with honey ,it works for me.
  • Very simple just work in your room for 45minutes take your bath lay on your bed and thank me the next day.
  • Eat avocado pear it sure works a doctor recommended it to me and it worked. All the best
  • Check your blood pressure. Let midnight prayers lead you to sleep. Warm water and milk helps too
  • Please go and prepare ogbono soup and correct eba and just watch yourself falling asleep without wash your hand. That’s my sleeping dose
  • Mix thin milk and honey and you will sleep like a baby
  • One finger of banana boil it for about 10 minute, remove it from pot allow it to cool, them put it in a cup break it add little water mix it very well, take it 30 minutes before bed time.
  • Boil pear and guava leaves together and drink
  • If  it is stress induced? If yes, eat raw onion then mix 2 spoonful of original honey with a glass cup of warm water and drink
  • Dry sandpaper leaf make tea out of and drink thank me later.
  • Take original honey, just a table spoonful
  • Sister take your Bible read and meditate on the portion you read pray and you will sleep like a baby. God bless you.
  • Chamomile tea helps to calm the nerves and let you sleep
  • Take half cup of water and add milk to it, you will sleep well, less thinking and leave the rest for God to handle!
  • Take milo before going to bed
  • Blend watermelon, banana with peak milk and drink
  • Don’t think relax put two spoonful of honey onto warm water and drink before going to bed
  • Chew 2 cloves around 6pm and then 3 spoons of honey when youre set to go to bed
  • Eat water melon with the bark and seed
  • Drink cool malt with milk, think less and  read your bible on your bed  after praying
  • Use these three leaves, lemon grass and moringa leave. Wash thoroughly before boiling.However, you’ll observe three things: you appetite will increase, you will urinate frequently and you will feel relaxed then sleep.
  • Cook soursop leave and drink the water, youll sleep like a baby.
  • Take bannana smothie, before bedtime. Take it every evening
  • Boil unripe plaintain and eat with red oil at night.
  • Natural sleeping pills, is just good sex. Try and cum that is if you’re married. It works like magic. You’ll be amazed how you’ll sleep like a baby. That’s all.
  • Put Garlic under your pillow
  • Cut onions and smell it on your nose for 5-10 times before going to bed.
  • Add a pinch of powdered tumeric into a cup of warm milk

 These remedies above was adapted from a DIY group. Some have been tested by me. All of them here are harmless when taken. But this should not replace seeing your doctor for medication if symptoms persist beyond your control.

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