Combo for Infection and Fertility


What is COMBO?

Combo is the short form for combination. We have different kinds of combo, but the combo for infection and fertility is very popular in Nigeria. 

Whenever you here combo being mentioned in various DIY groups, just know that it is the one in this post they are talking about.

Many TTC women have come back with many positive reports of conceiving after taking combo religiously…

Also,  many infections have been wiped off by Combo.

What is Combo used for?

1. Treating Infections. It helps to clear up chronic infections that are resistant to other Antibiotics.

2. Weight Reduction. It aids weight reduction especially around the stomach area.

3. It helps to stabilize irregular and scanty monthly flow.

4. Sex Sweetener. It is a natural aphrodisiac. It boosts libido and increases the likelihood of conceiving.


Fresh Turmeric – N100

Fresh Cloves – N50

Fresh Ginger – N50

Fresh Garlic – N50

Water 75cl water

How is Combo Prepared?

Peel off the back of the Ginger, Garlic and Turmeric. 

Cut them into small sizes and wash with clean water. 

Then soak all the ingredients in a container like Eva water add the cloves, allow for three days to ferment


Take half a glass first thing in the morning before meals and last thing at night before going to bed.


Take combo for one week and observe your system, if you are not satisfied, soak another portion and take for another 7days and stop.

When is appropriate to take Combo?

1. For TTC (trying to conceive) take combo during your monthly flow

2. When you’re not on any other medication

Who can take Combo?

1. Male and female

2. Children above the ages of 16

3. For children below 16, dilute the combo with water twice as you would add water when preparing for adult,give them two teaspoons.

4. Singles

5. TTC mothers (Trying to conceive).

6. Couples wanting to boost their sexual libido.


Not advisable to be taken during ovulation. Therefore, it should be taken when you’re not on your ovulation.

Who shouldn’t take Combo?

1. Pregnant women

2. Nursing mothers

3. Ulcer patient

If your system is allergic to this combination, kindly discontinue.  

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