How to make laundry bar soap for business in Nigeria

Laundry soaps are soaps used for washing clothes. From these simple steps, you will be able to make your own homemade laundry soap. The beauty of it is, you can tweak it anyhow you want it. You can also add other ingredient to make toilet soap.

The procedure below forms the basic procedure for making soap. Make sure you put on protective clothes, goggles, face mask and shoe to avoid corrosion caused by  lye.

 Also, vinegar should be kept in case of an accident. Simply apply vinegar to the area to neutralize the level of corrosion. The lye used in this procedure is Caustic soda ( known as NaOH in the laboratory).

They are several oil you can use to make soap but the oil used in this recipe is palm kernel oil. So, you can also replace palm kernel oil if you wish.

Table of Contents


1. Preparation of caustic soda
Dissolve 1kg of caustic soda in 3 litres of water and keep it for 43 hours. Check using hydrometer until you obtain Specific Gravity of 1275

2. Preparation of Soda Ash
    Dissolve 500g of soda ash in 3 litres of water, stir and leave for 24hours. check the hydrometer reading to obtain Specific Gravity of 1275.
3. Construct a mould or simply buy small soap dish that has cover


  • Pour 3 cups of palm kernel oil into the mixing can and stir
  • Add colourant and stir
  • Pour 3 cups of caustic soda into the same mixing can. And stir continously. Ration of P.k.o to caustic soda is 3:3
  • Pour 300ml of Soda ash solution and stir
  • Add 15g of sodium sulphate (hardener)
  • Add 50ml of sodium silicate and stir to blend
  • add perfume as desire
  • add 50ml of  sulphonic acid
  • Add 5g of industrial salt and stir well
  • Pour mixture into the various moulds and allow to solidify overnight

NB The mixture must be stirred continuously to prevent solidification
If you feel like using another oil rather than kernel oil.

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