How to make Detergent (OMO)


A detergent is a water-soluble cleansing agent that combines with impurities and dirt to make them more soluble and differs from soap in not forming a scum with the salts in hard water. OMO detergent comprise concentrated and hypoallergenic powdered detergents and powdered detergents designed specifically for use with white or colored laundry. 

The active detergent components in OMO detergents sold  are surfactants. They  also contain lipase, amylase and other enzymes that help break down protein-based stains. Sodium compounds, such as sodium carbonate (Soda Ash) and sodium sulfate(Industrial salt), are common building and bulking agents. These agents comprise most of the actual mass of the detergent.
  NB: For the measurement of liquid here, we use locozade bottle
Be very careful when using this chemicals and no child should come close
Ensure to wear protective clothes, goggles, face mask and shoes
If the chemical come in contact with your body or cloth, immediately use water to rinse it. You can also keep vinegar around  in case of any spillage, apply vinegar on the area to neutralize the effect of corrosion.

Table of Contents


Caustic soda1kg
Soda ash  4kg
Industrial Salt ( 1level tablespoon) or 1 spoon of 15ml
Foaming agent ( 1 bottle of locozade)
P.K.O  ( 6 Bottles of locozade )
Hydrogen peroxide ( 4cups of 83ml)
Aminonic acid (1 cup of 83ml)
Perfume ( to taste)
Water ( 6 bottles of locozade)
Cellophane or Sack bag (4 yards)
Seize (one)


  • Mix 1kg of caustic soda in a plastic bucket and 4kg soda ash in a separate bucket with 6 bottles of water of lucozade which 5 will go into ash and 1 into caustic soda.
  • Turn the caustic soda and the soda ash very well for the two to dissolve very well
  • Then mix the caustic soda and soda ash together and leave it to ferment for 24 hours
  • always use a long stick to dissolve the ashes and caustic soda in the bucket
  • Then put P.K.O in a very big bowl and turn the oil and add industrial salt and foaming, then add the aminonic acid and then the hydrogen peroxide and add colour and then stir it very well
  • Then add the mixture of caustic soda and soda ash into the oil mixture and stir well and check when the mixture is becoming watery and then stop
  • Then use a bacco bag outside to pour the mixture of the product and leave it to dry in the sun
  • Then when it is dry, use the seize to make it in powder form
  • When it is ready for sell add perfume.

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