The Parable Of The Talents (Investment Vs Savings)

The parable of the talents in the Bible tells us the difference between savings and investment.

The first servant was entrusted with 5 talents.
The second servant was entrusted with 2 talents.
The third servant was entrusted with a talent.

The first and the second servants invested and doubled the amount given to them while the other servant saved his.

When you keep your money in a safe place, you can only go back to get that same amount and use it. That’s the end of that money.

When you put your money into a viable investment, it will multiply. It will be more than what you put in.

The one who saved his talent lost it to the first servant who invested his.

The money that is saved will finish once you start using it, while your investment will keep producing more money for you.

When God gives us a talent, He expects us to multiply it. God has given man that power.

In Genesis, He commanded Adam and Eve to be fruitful and multiply. This is not only applicable to childbearing but in all ramifications of our lives.

Even the natural law teaches us that we gradually lose what we don’t put to use.

If you tie your right hand from birth, it will be useless in no distant time.

Is saving bad? No!

Saving becomes a nightmare when you don’t invest.

One of the best pieces of information that have been drummed into my head lately is “save to invest”.

Instead of saving to buy that expensive gadget, save to invest then buy whatever you feel like when your investment starts producing fruits.

That expensive gadget is a liability because it takes money from you while your investment is an asset. Assets bring in money for you.

Unless that expensive gadget is for an investment, don’t buy it with your savings.

The Bible laid the foundation for everything we need in this life. All we need to do is to take them and apply them.

 “How many millionaires do you know who have become wealthy by investing in savings accounts? I rest my case.” — Robert G. Allen

Sacrifice is one of the key ingredients of investment. If you are always scared to lose money, opportunities will always pass you by.

John Ukpanukpong

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