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3 Insane ways to Attract the right audience on Facebook

Attracting the right audience on Facebook can be a bit tricky. Only intentional people get the friends and fans they desire. The kind of content you post, posts you comment on, friends you add on Facebook and how consistent you are determine your audience.

It becomes a targeted audience when you are intentional about it. Except Facebook is a place for fun for you, creating the right kind of audience should be your number one goal.

Many people complain that their followers and friends do not buy whatever they put out to them on Facebook. Meanwhile these same people engage with other posts with funny memes, gossips, and nudes.

I will be sharing three insane ways to attract the right audience on Facebook below:

Unfriend some of your friends to attract the right audience

3 Insane ways to Attract the right audience on Facebook

Israel left Egypt but Egypt never left them. They always wanted to go back to Egypt every time they faced difficulty.

They wandered in the wilderness until Egypt left them. No wonder God took them through a path of no return.

If you are building a new brand, it is not a bad idea to clean off the Facebook friends you added in the days of your ignorance.

Your new YOU is intentional. Your old YOU was not. Get rid of those friends who want to make you go back to your old YOU.

Do you know why?

You can't make significant progress if those old friends who have refused to evolve with you are still in your life. Sometimes you have to lose some friends to achieve your goals.
Since Facebook has come to stay and it is where most people live, mind the kind of friends you surround yourself with.

For me, I want an atmosphere that will always encourage me to smash my goals. So, when I log in to Facebook, my spirit is immediately plugged into a structure that compels me to hit my goals.

Just reading five posts from my friends on Facebook is enough to keep the ball rolling.

My Facebook friends are my structure for inspiration and motivation.

After you have unfriended those friends you no longer need, Start adding up the people you want to associate with to your friend list and connect with them.

After sending them a friend request, send them a DM telling that how you came in contact with them and how their posts influence you.

Do not say "Hi" and wait for a response. The way social media runs is quiet different from how real life works. Say hi and proceed to your introduction.

What Happens When You Comment On A Facebook Post? (Attract the right audience using Facebook comment).

3 Insane ways to Attract the right audience on Facebook

I see so many people oftentimes comment on any post they see especially the ones that do not reflect their identity.

When you comment on a Facebook post, your visibility is boosted for that particular type of post. Facebook algorithm will start trying to understand the pattern of your conversation so that they can feature pages that may interest you.

Many people will start sending you friend requests based on the pattern and quality of comments you make.

When you see a post that doesn't reflect your identity, let's say a nude picture, for example, do not comment, just pass.

Comment more on the educative and inspiring post, you'll attract people that will keep you in the right atmosphere.

But you see how opposite it is in reality. Most people will love to comment on things that won't push them forward but ignore educative posts.

If I put out a gossip post, for instance, it will attract many people to comment. But when I change it to personal development, those same people will disappear.

To attract the right kind of friends on Facebook, you have to be intentional. Make sure you are not commenting on posts that don't reflect your identity.

When you comment on people's posts, you are not only boosting the visibility of their posts but increasing your visibility and influence as well.

How do you write a good comment?

3 Insane ways to Attract the right audience on Facebook

One thing you have to consider doing Is making a meaningful comment on any post you find interesting.

A lot of people do not know how beneficial this is. Many people love reading comments of other people after reading the main post. Your meaningful comment can boost your visibility to a level you could never imagine.

One great piece of news is that the Facebook algorithm supports meaningful commenting. They are always ranked at the top. Quit using the autoresponder.

What is a meaningful Comment?

A meaningful comment is a comment that reflects your take out in a particular post. It can also take the form of making contributions and asking relevant questions.

Let us bring this to our usual conversation. The person who goes in-depth during a discussion is better than the person who just says a word and keep still.

There's a lot to gain when you make a meaningful comment. 

  • It shows you really understood what was delivered to you.
  • It helps to increase your mental capacity of understanding concepts.
  • It helps  to improve your attentiveness when reading. 
  • It broadens the scope of the writer and readers. It helps to put things into  perspective.
  • It helps to build your social network. If you show interest in people's post, they'll also show interest in your post.

If you read a post the first time and you enjoyed it but can't make any meaningful comment, read that post again until you grasp the center spot of the writer.

Once you're able to dash into the mind of the writer, you will go home with something.

And that's not all, don't go like that. Come back to the comment section and place your comment highlighting the areas you find intriguing, share a personal experience that relates to the post and also make a little summary of the entire post.

What would be the best way to use Facebook usefully? (Best Practices to attract Quality Audience)

For you and I to lead a successful life on social media, we have to be more intentional with the way we spend our time. Let us lead our lives and not be victims. Let us not just go through the day but rather decide to take charge of our day.

Stop Mindless Scrolling on Facebook

Have you noticed that people scroll up and down the pages of their social media wall without any clear intention of what they are looking for?  They spend hours in futility.

The best way to avoid mindless scrolling is to be more intentional with your "why". When you opened your Facebook app, was it for pleasure or work? 

With so many distractions online, being intentional won't come so easy. But it is necessary for your growth.

Avoid Joining Too Many Facebook Groups

I know this might sound outrageous, but I have seen many people join over 300 groups on Facebook. You can not be everywhere at the same time and do something meaningful. Joining too many groups will definitely distort your sense of direction.

While you try to concentrate, something may pop up from one of the many groups to take away your attention. You would likely see headlines about celebrities like " What happened to Jones will shock you, You can't believe this happened to President Okon…..".  Seeing such headlines will arouse your interest to find out more not knowing this is a bait for more distractions. 

Exit groups to the barest minimum. Don't join groups that do not serve your purpose. Join groups that meet your needs. This is one of the ways to reduce distractions on Facebook. 

Be a Value Creator

I am not against you uploading your photos, but you need to understand that Facebook has evolved from just "Face book" to a "Value book". Unless you are into photography, your Facebook wall is highly underutilized when it is only used for uploading photos.

Create value in your cyberspace. Make people look up to your next post. When you become intentional about creating value, the chances of you giving in to distractions become slim and your productivity will go up.

You might be thinking you don't have what to post. But that is not true.

Are you a Seamstress offline? Start by teaching people about dresses. Showcase your handwork. 

Are you a teacher offline? Post quality and reliable information about your field. 

Are you a Doctor? Help people with preventable solutions to diseases. Teach your friends about healthy living.

Are you a Lawyer? Educate people on human rights. These are just a few examples mentioned. 

Bring your offline value to your cyberspace. Let the whole world know you.

How to  get quality 5,000 followers on Facebook free

3 Insane ways to Attract the right audience on Facebook

One working principle for gaining more followers fast on social media is shocking your audience with horrific posts.

For example,

Your followers will triple if you post nude videos of women even when they know they are inappropriate.

If you think this is a lie, go and check all those comedies that nude women are fronting. You will notice a huge follower base. Then move to those half-naked women aren't featured and compare their followers.

Your followers will increase when you drag celebrities and popular pastors online. Many people love gossip… They follow up gossip to the latter even if it means entering into the bottomless pit.

These people do not mind collecting a loan to follow up gossip posts but will complain about not having data when they find educative posts.

This principle works like magic because principles do not know right from wrong.

Those are the shortcuts for becoming famous on the blue app.

But that's not for children of God. It is not every principle you must obey in the name of fame. It is not every principle that is convenient.

Discipline yourself not to do inappropriate things. Do not trend for the wrong reason to get followers else your purpose and audience will be truncated.

If you trend for the wrong reason, you'll attract the wrong crowd. Make sure you're trending for what aligns with your purpose.

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