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What Is An Example Of A Measurable Goal?

John ooo… Come!

It's time for you to go to the stream. She spits on the ground and says, " Take this bucket. Run to the stream, fetch water and come back before this saliva dries off. If this saliva dries off before you're back, your Tommy will rot"…

The Indomie generation won't understand that phrase…. Okay….

A Measurable goal is a goal that you can easily know see that you have achieve it through milestones and other forms of measurement.

Let me give you the full gist…..

Back then, I was privileged to meet some old folks and how they made sure their children perform their chores within a short time.

As a child, you dare not come back before the saliva dries off. And of course, you would be afraid that your stomach may rot if you do not take heed.

We grew to believe this old fable until we got a better understanding that it wasn't true.

While I recall my mind to these childhood memories, I picked something important. The goal of most parents was to measure and track their kids' progress. And so their crude way was to use their saliva.

And kids on their parts try to beat this challenge by coming back before the saliva dries off.

Your goal won't be effective when there's no standard instrument for measuring it.

You will not be able to judge whether you are going forward, backward, fast or slow when there's nothing to keep track of your journey.

Once your goal is measurable, it gives you a sense of direction. From there you will know whether you need to increase your intensity or change your methods.

Let's take this example,

If your goal is to lose 10kg in the next 30 days, how will you know you are achieving that result without a scale to measure it?

How will you know that your hard work is paying off?

Without the measuring scale, your sudden lightness after some days of exercising will deceive you to think that you're now losing weight. But the most accurate way is to use a scale.

Find an indisputable method to measure your goals. Once your goals are measurable, you don't need to reach the deadline to know whether you are making progress or not.

If by 2 weeks you don't lose 5kg, you know your goal was bigger than your level for that space of time.
You will then adjust the deadline to maybe 45 days instead of 30 days.

If by week 2 you lose 5kg, you know you are making progress.

Now, I leave the remaining arithmetics to you. Are your goals measurable? Do you have any tangible evidence to prove that you are making progress or you are just going with the flow?

This is what to do:

1. Find a way to convert your efforts to quantity.

2. Use time-based instruments.

3. Use a checklist

4. Keep records.

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