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Seven Common Mistakes Almost Everyone Makes In Goal-setting.
  1. Most people think that the excitement of entering into a new year will compel them to work on their goals. That's why they make new year's resolutions. But statistics have shown that 80% of the people who make new year's resolutions dump them by February. This means they don't know how to set compelling goals that will produce excellent results.
  1. Most people lack clarity on what they want, where they are going and how to get there. That is why they are everywhere, fall for anything and never get things done.
  2. Most people procrastinate on their most important tasks. The most important tasks are the most difficult and rewarding. Most people don't like to take the difficult route. They like the easy route. They are not disciplined enough to do the necessary things.
  3. Most people don't write down their goals. No wonder they get carried away by anything and forget their dreams. The Bible says, "write the vision…."
  4. Most people are a jack-of-all-trades. Most people can't focus on one task at a time. Their attention is always divided. Little wonder they are not excellent at what they do.
  5. Most people never take action. They keep learning and learning and learning. They know so much but do little.
  6. Most people don't have a powerful WHY. The most powerful way to achieve any goal is to have a strong why. If your why is faulty, chances are, you won't fulfil your goals.

Are you like most people?

Let's discuss this in the comment section. Tell me what is stopping you from achieving your goals.

I will teach you how to set compelling goals that will offer you lasting results.

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