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I help you set compelling goals that offer lasting success.

Are you struggling to get important things done?

In today's world, so many people are working so hard but achieving less.

Are you struggling so hard to achieve your goals?

Is procrastination eating you up so deeply?

What if I show you a process that can guarantee you almost 100% success?

According to a study in the US, the probability of completing a goal is:

10% - If you have an actual idea or ideal goal.

25% - If you consciously decide you will do it.

40% - If you decide when you will do it.

50% - If you plan how you will do it.

60% - If you commit to someone you will do it.

95% - If you have a specific accountability appointment with a person you've committed to.

Now that I have exposed you to these statistics, what you choose determines how fast you will quit procrastination, hit your goals and be fulfilled.

We do this traditionally whenever we want to stay really committed to a cause. We get people to help us stay committed.

The surest bet to getting anything done is having an accountability coach. His job is to make sure you gain clarity, define your goals, define your daily routine, set milestones, and then get you to do them.

In the course of coaching, new habits will begin to form. You will notice that procrastination will gradually leave you and you will be able to lead yourself. Yes, somebody has to lead you first before you master how to lead yourself. You don't jump into personal leadership from the blues.

Like I have always emphasised, knowing is not enough to walk you through your journey. You need somebody to first lead, guide and instil discipline in you.

Nothing grows in their comfort zone. Coaches help to bring you out of your comfort zone so that you smash your goals like a winner.

John Ukpanukpong

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