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Why Having A Coach Is Important.

There was a time I wrote based on how inspired I was. This means that I waited till I had the burning desire to write. 

Sometimes, inspiration to write drops once a week, twice a month or once a month. This was not good enough for my writing career. 

Showing up once in a month or week wasn't a good way to make people notice my brand. This continued until last year. 

I decided to take my writing seriously whether inspired or not. I  chose topics, research more and wrote. 

Early 2021, I enrolled for the  12-week challenge organised by Ldr. Mute Efe. I found it fascinating because I desired to take my writing skills to the next level. 

The 12-week  challenge helped me achieve that. Since it was a challenge, I was required to post at least three times a week. 

Every week, whether inspired or not I posted valuable content. This continued for 12 weeks and it became a habit. 

Right now, I have over 6 articles I have written that I can post for this week. 

Sometimes I have to shout inside my head "stop writing, you have written so much in this article"

You see my young friend,

Your dreams are not going to be fulfilled when you don't show up all the time.

Your dreams won't manifest themselves when you depend on your mood... Or wait for inspiration to drop before you get started.

Your dreams won't take care of themselves if you refuse to take charge.

Your dreams won't come true only based on your efforts. You need somebody to help you achieve them. 

The last point is where I want to dwell. You may have all the road maps, but you'll still find yourself drifting. 

You need somebody to hold you accountable. You need a coach that will put pressure on you to become the man that you desire.

Some people claim they already have the right information, so they do not need a coach. 

Let me surprise you. Very few people take action after getting the right information. Many won't dare to take a step...

But if these same people who are scared to take a step, hand themselves to a coach, something good will come out of them.

That aside, some people do not have the right information, they don't have a coach and are not ready to seek help yet they want an excellent result.

Check all influencers at all times. They were coached at one point or other. They never lived without a coach. They all had somebody they were answerable to.

Whichever category you belong to, you need a coach. 

“You can’t do it all yourself. Don’t be afraid to rely on others to help you accomplish your goals.” — Oprah Winfrey

Do you still want procrastination to make you less than your worth in 2022? If yes, ignore this post. If no, take action now.


Procrastination Is a stubborn habit. That is why it keeps occurring and making you less successful.

You plan today to do a certain thing, the next minute you're doing things that are not related to your plan. You go to bed defeated. This continues every day.

How long do you want to continue this way? 

Don't you think you need somebody to coach you on how to get anything you want  done fast and easy?

I have practical approaches that even a nursery school child can apply and achieve success.

My unbeatable strategies will  practically kill that procrastination that has crippled you. 

You will get a refund if they don't work for you.But my surest bet is, they will work.

I will train you on how to get clarity in any thing you want to achieve.

I will train you on how to set compelling goals that will offer you lasting success.

I will monitor and track your progress... No dull moments.

We will brainstorm together

We will have weekly Zoom meetings.

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