Is Mentorship Supposed To Be Free?

When Jesus said, “Unless you eat my flesh and drink my blood, you have no life in you”, many of his disciples left Him. 

They couldn’t bear it.  The sacrifice was too much. How could they eat human flesh and drink blood? ” Who the hell does He think He is?” 

Meanwhile, these same people had tasted the power of God in their previous encounters.

But that was the acid test for His true followers. He wanted to separate random followers from his true mentees. All roadside followers left, except one who was yet to complete his mission.

When the rich young ruler asked Jesus about what to do to inherit the kingdom of God. Jesus so much loved this rich young ruler. He instructed him to sell all he had. He couldn’t bear the discomfort in that great sacrifice, he left.

Sometimes we crave something so badly until we see the sacrifice. We begin to drawback.  “The sacrifice is too costly. It’s too weighty. It’s demanding.” 

It will cost you something to get value. Do you know nothing is free? Even Salvation. It cost God a lot. He bought our salvation and gave it freely to us. 

If you want to come under tutelage, it will cost you your hard-earned money, time, sleep and many precious things etc.

I put this question to you:

Are you ready to sacrifice your hard-earned money to become the man of your dreams?

Are you willing to do what it takes to give you what you want?

It is easy to tell an influencer, ” I want to be your mentee”. But when what is required is presented to you, you disappear into thin air.

Mentorship is not free! 

You pay school fees to the school management as an exchange for the services you need.

You pay the bike man for the service you need.

You pay for the clothes you want to wear and own. 

Why do you think mentorship is free? 

Mentorship is like other products and services. Your mentor needs your money. You need mentoring. You pay him his dues, he trains you to become what you want to be.

Stop going to people’s inboxes to ask for free mentorship. Those who pay, pay attention to what they pay for. Value is always abused when a price is not attached.

John Ukpanukpong 

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