March 25, 2023

By this time last year, I was devasted that my wedding did not hold as planned. My income was far below my plan. I cancelled the proposed wedding date. Many relatives and inlaws were disappointed in me. You need to see how tense the atmosphere was when I broke the bombshell.

Despite this setback, I forged ahead to enrol in a Personal Leadership Academy organised by Ldr. Mute Efe. I learned so many skills that saved my life. 

After that 1 week back-to-back sessions, I went back to the drawing board and drew a plan B. My plan B made my wedding a success without any debt. 

Many thought I  hit the jackpot when I finally proposed another date that worked out well. It was still the same income I had that was still there. But this time light had shorn on me. I knew how to navigate my way through.

Why am I sharing this?

You don’t know everything. The solution to your problem is in peoples’ courses, videos, webinars and Academy. But sometimes you feel cheated to pay for those things. 

Sometimes you feel like they just want to make money. But even if the aim is to make money and you get value, isn’t that a good deal?

You buy foodstuff because you don’t have food to eat. You pay because you need it. Whether they aim to make money or not, shouldn’t come to your mind because you’ll get value in exchange for your money.

What if you focused on how much the guy was making and decided not to pay, wouldn’t you have starved to death?

Yes, I didn’t have enough money for my wedding. Wouldn’t that have been a misappropriation of funds to pay for these courses? Sometimes you need to sacrifice to get value. Money shouldn’t be an excuse. 

I didn’t become richer after the lessons but became the kind of man I desired to be. The real deal is in who you become. That money you’re looking for is in who you become. When you become it, it will reflect in your bank account and wellbeing. 

The academy was worth more than I paid. My problem was solved.  What if I didn’t enrol? I would have carried over my pains to my marriage.

I’ll soon start my goal setting class. Are you willing to pay me to teach you how to set compelling goals and achieve them? 

In January, you said you’ll lose some weight… You started exercising and taking a keto diet. Have you achieved that?

You said this year you must buy that car, build that house, and get settled…… What has happened?

You planned to save a certain amount of money, this is November, how far?

You said you’ll write that book this year. This is November, how far?

On New year’s eve, you promised yourself never to do certain things, why did you go back to them after three weeks?

You said this year you’ll fight hard to get a better CGPA. What’s your present CGPA? 

You said you’ll make more money this year, how far?

More than 90% of people who had good intentions for 2021, did not achieve them. I know you can relate… 

If you feel like “Damn, this guy is talking to me”, then you need help!

Admitting you have a problem is the first step to getting it solved.


Right now, you need help from the outside voice. This outside voice could be your mentor, coach or influencer. That is one of the ways to shorten the curves to become successful overnight.

While your good intentions are not bad, you might be executing them wrongly. Your goals could be unrealistic, vague and without direction.

Mastering the art of achieving your goals is a skill you must learn. That’s what makes ordinary people extraordinary. That’s what sets the dividing line between successful people and unsuccessful people.

Don’t worry that you haven’t achieved that goal in 2021.

I am here to help you achieve your goals. I’ll train you on how to set compelling goals that offer lasting success. I will unleash and impart unconventional skills that will set you apart.

If you apply the things I teach you, I guarantee you 100% success. Yes, I mean 100% success. The universe works by principles. When you apply those principles, there’s no way you won’t succeed.

Are you ready to commit? Send “I’m ready” to 2348167168911 via WhatsApp.

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