Who Is A Successful Person?

Ade’s goal was to become an Electronic Engineer. He envisioned how to navigate life with his tactful approach but didn’t meet the requirement for studying Engineering and finally settled for Physics. He graduated with good grades and was retained to teach in his Alma mater. Today, he is a professor of physics.  Though he is doing well, he isn’t satisfied. Many people describe him as being successful.

Oko’s goal on the other hand was to become a renowned mechanic. He put in so much to learn this skill from 5 different renowned Mechanics and today he owns one of the biggest Mechanic workshops in town. He is doing well and very satisfied. Many people also describe Oko to be successful. 

What is success?

Earl Nightingale gave one of the best definitions of success I have ever come across. He defined success as “the progressive realization of a worthy goal or ideal.” 

Who is a successful person?

From our first two examples, Ade isn’t a successful person even though he reached the peak of his career. Though Oko isn’t educated, he is highly successful.

A person who plans to travel to the US and is now on his way to the US is achieving success. On the other hand, a person whose goal was to travel to the UK and later navigated to the US is not achieving success.

Today, people perceive a successful person to be a person who has influence and money. This can only be true if they are where they want to be and are fulfilling their purpose in life. Whether they have made success or not is hugely defined by the person and not society. 

Success in life is deeply rooted in finding your purpose and working towards that purpose. This is what makes a successful person different from others. Big houses, money, influence, fleets of cars come as a reward and doesn’t mean success.

A successful person is a person who has found his purpose, sets goals towards it and achieves it progressively.

Now, look inwards. Are you successful? Are you working to become the man in your dreams? Have you found your life path?

You may not have reached the peak of your purpose in life. But if you have found your path and you’re working towards achieving it, you’re a successful person.

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