How Badly Do You Want Success?


As I carried my plate of fried rice enhanced with two laps of chicken to the dining table, little Bosco, one of my neighbour’s sons bolted in and plopped on the chair anticipating a kind gesture. I never paid attention to him, but positioned myself well to devour my mouth-watering meal. 

Every time I took my spoon to take from the plate, his watery eyeballs rolled in the direction of my food while his saliva-lubricated Adam’s apple rolled up and down craving a bite. 

When he noticed my nonchalant attitude, he jumped out of the chair, clutched the table and chair where I sat and jerked them, then screamed and cried. I burst into laughter, stared at him while rubbing my throat. 

When he saw that I was still gazing at him, he yelled more and rolled on the floor.  Compassion overtook my pretentious intent. I dashed to him, wiped away his tears, brought him to my seat, and fed him. 

Dear Reader, nobody will hand success to you on the bed of roses. You have to crave it, work for it, persist and do what it takes to get you where you desire to be. The attitude of that child created the result he wanted. He knew that if he persisted, I will attend to him. 

You must be hungry, willing, dedicated, and consistent if you want to succeed. Your thoughts, words and actions should align with what you desire.  A famished man never rejects to do what it takes to get his stomach filled up. He positions himself where he can be noticed and beckoned.

To be successful in life, you have to be determined. “When you want to succeed as much as breathe, then you will be successful”.

John Ukpanukpong.

PS: Fiction.

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