Examine Yourself Now: Identify Your Key Constraints

Mr Kelvin is a writer with an excellent track record over the years.  He extends his offline activities to social media but lacks tech skills. 

Every time he makes his posts, he expects tons of people to like, comment, and share his posts. But the contrary happens. Instead, he sees other junk posts dominating.

Though Mr Kelvin possesses good writing skills, he still needs to learn how social media algorithm works. His limiting key skill is social media operation. Once he unlocks that skill, conversion becomes natural.

Every goal we set and skills we learn, carry key skills that drive it. Without these key skills, limitations to how much impact we would make abound.

We can never make any significant progress when we fail to spot our limiting key skills and make mastery of them. These skills shorten the curves and increase efficiency.

Identify your key constraint. It might mean that you need additional studies, a mentor, or you need to improve on certain areas. Channel 80% of your energy on those key constraints and whack them. 

For more information about key constraints, I recommend “Eat that Frog” by Brian Tracy.

John Ukpanukpong.

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