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Use An Accountability Partner For Better Results.
Mr Okon wakes up every day, tries to discipline himself to accomplish his daily tasks but to no avail. Oftentimes,  he sets actionable steps but finds himself going in the opposite direction. 

He has tried many times to be accountable to himself but to no avail. The last time he pledged to start doing better, he found himself on a football field from morning till noon. After that, he went on a tour around the city of Abuja with his friends. 

When he came back home, he showered,  ate and then went online to check his email, Facebook, Twitter and  Instagram. Around 11 o'clock, he turned on his television to continue an episode he has been following. This kept him awake till  2 AM. 

He wakes up in the morning seeing himself doing the same thing he pledged not to do. He feels sad, unfulfilled and worried.

Don't you think Mr Okon needs an accountability partner?

An accountability partner "is a person who coaches another person in terms of helping the other person keep a commitment."

Most times we need the outside voice to help us stay disciplined, focused and committed. One of the best ways to be accountable for anything is to have someone to keep us on the right track. Accountability partners are great because they help you accomplish your goals. 

You can decide to attach a certain punishment for failing to keep to your goals. For example, sending some amount of money to your partner whenever you fail to meet up with your target.

Also, find something you don’t want to do, and make it the cost of not following through with your goals.

Do you hate ironing, then make it a point of duty to iron the clothes of your accountability partner every time you fail to follow through with your goals.

Resist the temptation of bringing your playmates as accountability partners. They'll always forgive your sins and give you more room for laziness. Find someone that you'll need to tender a very valid and unavoidable reason for your lack of commitment before he allows you to go scot-free. 

Anybody you chose to be your accountability partner should be a person you respect and hold in high esteem. 

"An accountability partner should feel safe to challenge you when you are not keeping your commitment." - Henry Evans.

Do not get an accountability partner that has too many tied schedules. Do not get a partner you compete with. Get a partner who has your interest at heart. 

Getting a good accountability partner is not free of charge. You must understand that paying too is a  way to show that you'll remain committed to the cause.

"Accountability is the glue that ties commitment to results"

John Ukpanukpong.

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