The Power Of Concentration.

What is the difference between the hydrochloric acid found in the laboratory and the one found in the stomach? Their concentration differs.
The hydrochloric acid found in the lab is highly concentrated and very corrosive to the skin. It carries more energy because it has more molecules in a little space. 
The one in the stomach is less concentrated, very diluted, and less corrosive to the skin. It carries fewer molecules in a large space. That is why it doesn’t corrode our stomach lining but aids digestion. 
If you take a litre of hydrochloric acid and dissolve it in 1000 litres of water, it won’t be corrosive anymore. The concentration will be reduced when you increase the amount of water. It will no longer burn the skin. 
Let’s bring this to real life. You will have a huge amount of energy when you concentrate on one task. Whatever thing you concentrate and focus on, gives you a faster result than when you spread your tentacles to every tom, dick and harry.
Among your goals, pick out one important goal and concentrate on it. Start your day with it.
Many a time, we are tempted to start with many unimportant tasks that won’t lead us anywhere. These tasks keep us busy all day with no reward. 
We attack our problems better when we put ourselves together into one project or goal. Instead of spreading your tentacles to hit every goal of yours, combine that energy and tackle the most important goal of yours.
You can never concentrate enough when you are a jack-of-all-trades. Focus on one project at a time. Your concentration is your power.
John Ukpanukpong.

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