Start With Your Most Important Tasks.

Denis is a young graduate who has chosen writing as his career but has some demons trying to kill his newfound career. 

He usually gets up in the morning to complete many important tasks but gets caught up with scrolling on Facebook and discussing with his friends. He also gets carried away with trends that he never sees the clock ticking.
When he finally realises himself, he hurries to finish all his tasks but can’t finish them. His most important tasks of writing are not accomplished. He sleeps and plans to do better the next day. But continues the same way the following day.
Do you think Denis will go far with his writing career? 
For you to achieve your goals, you must be ready to put away distractions till you finish your most important tasks. Your most important tasks are your hardest tasks. And by default, we are prone to go after the easy and unimportant tasks.
The deal here is to start your day with your most important tasks and stay disciplined till you meet your target. This will give you more time to meet other targets for the day.
Resist the temptation of shuffling between your most important tasks and less important tasks because the less important ones will always win your heart. For example, the moment you leave your important tasks to check the number of likes and comments you’ve gotten on your photos on Facebook, you’ll never feel like returning to your important tasks. From two minutes you’ll move over to 2 hours. 
Even if your most important goals are primarily executed on Facebook, you have to stay guarded and disciplined not to stray away.
Resist the temptation of taking part in irrelevant discussions when you haven’t hit your main target for the day. Let every irrelevant conversation be a reward for meeting your target.
Learn to say no without feeling remorse. “One of the most powerful of all words in time management isthe word no! Say it politely. Say it clearly so that there are no misunderstandings. Say it regularly as a normal part of your time management vocabulary.Say no to anything that is not a high-value use of your timeand your life. Say no graciously but firmly to avoid agreeing tosomething against your will. Say it early and say it often. Remember that you have no spare time. As we say, ‘Your dance 
card is full.” – Brian Tracy.
Before you sleep today, write down how you spent your day and reflect on which activity took away your precious time and strategise how to eliminate them or reschedule them. 
John Ukpanukpong.

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