Is Your WHY Provoking Enough?

“Oh no, not this white dress again”. Those were the words that came out of my mouth a few weeks ago.
I neatly kept my white dress in my wardrobe thinking it was well laid. But on the contrary, some ill-looking creatures did what stirred up an unlikely action in me.
Wall geckos that are perceived to be harmless decided to make my white dress their urinary. It was not as if other clothes were not there, but they chose this white one. 
I got up so provoked looking for wall geckos around to exterminate. “They have overstayed their welcome”, I muttered angrily. While I was still in a rage, I saw one. I rushed to kill it but only succeeded in cutting off its tail. 
Since that day, they have reduced in their numbers. Once they see me, they run to their hideout.  Before this time, they were not afraid of me. I didn’t have any strong reason to kill them.
Let’s make a switch…..
If I walk up to you and slap you, no matter how gentle you are, you will react. That slap will make the gentleman in you evaporate into thin air. 
If your “why” isn’t provoking enough, you won’t go far with that goal you have set. If you do not have a strong reason that will make you hold on no matter the adversity, you’ll always think giving up is a better option.
Whenever I think of forgiving any wall gecko and remember how destructive they are, it stimulates me to get into action.
A man who left his family hungry to search for any menial job around, won’t care if his employer insulted him. Why? When he remembers that he has a family to feed, he knows better how to react.
How provoking is your reason for taking up that project? 
Many goals are not achieved because they are not backed up with a provoking reason. Having a provoking reason for engaging in that project is better than daily motivation.
I can motivate you till you take a step but once I stop, you’ll stop. But a provoking reason is self-sufficient. Inside it, there is motivation, inspiration and action.
A lot of times we start without the “why” and later start looking for “why” to stay inspired. It is more powerful to start with your “why”. Starting with a strong “why” gives power to “who”, “when”, “where” and “how”. Do not start any project that your “why” is not strong enough.
You are losing enthusiasm all the time because your “why” is weak. Review your “why”. Work on it. 
John Ukpanukpong.

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