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I Don’t Have A Job. What Should I Do?
If you have been pondering over what to do while you wait for that dream job of yours, then this post is for you. 

You may find that job you think is heaven and earth irrelevant or may get a better job than what you thought initially if you do these things listed below with a high sense of discipline, focus commitment and consistency.

There are many tips but I want to keep it short and simple with just four tips.

1. LEARN MORE: Acquire many skills as possible but take them one at a time... There will be a time you won't have such an opportunity. 

2. BE WELL INFORMED:  Always stay informed with trends, ideas, technology and the market.  There's nothing wrong with flipping through the pages of JUMIA, KONGA, AMAZON websites just to take a look at things. It looks simple but it can help you.
Register for Google alert and select your area of interest so that you can always receive the latest news and discoveries in your field of interest.

Subscribe to reliable job information sites so that you can be among the first to get updates.

These are just a few mentioned.

3. CONNECT MORE: Connect more with people that are higher than you and are already where you want to be so that you will continually stay inspired and motivated.

4. BECOME AN EXPERT: Don't just jump at every tom, dick and harry. Decide what you want to do well. Decide on what you want people to know you for even if they don't know anything else. Then make mastery of that one thing.

John Ukpanukpong.

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