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How Does Procrastination Affect Decision Making?
Obinna was faced with a decision to make over a new project but kept thinking over it for a  long time. Every day, he got different perspectives but never took a step.

Some days, he felt enthusiastic and optimistic about the project, while some days he was pessimistic. He kept on procrastinating over making his final decision to take action until he lost motivation for executing his beautiful project.

Are you like Obinna?

Taking time to make a decision may look like the best way to make a good decision but may turn out to destroy you if care is not taken. It can cause you emotional, physical and spiritual stress.  Thinking for a long time without taking any action is very paralysing. It is not good for your health and ambition.

Is deciding in a rush better? It depends on what kind of decision you are making.

Is taking time to think through a decision wrong? No. But thinking over a decision without attaching a dateline to the final decision is very harmful. 

The latter is what I'm concerned about. We've been taught not to make decisions in a hurry but we've not been properly groomed to avoid prolonging decisions.

Overthinking could be the number one reason why you have not taken a step. 

This what to do when you are faced with a difficult decision.
- Set a dateline for your final decision
- Consider your goals and values
- Check the pros and  cons
- Seek help from people knowledgeable than you 
- Take action on your dateline. 

You'll regret the things you didn't do than the things you did. Take action now!

John Ukpanukpong.
Instant Motivation Hub Group

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