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Four Reasons Why You Need To Take Action Now.
1. YOU ARE NOT THE ONLY ONE THAT HAS THAT IDEA: Just as you are thinking of going to that Eatery to eat, another person is also thinking of going to that same Eatery to eat.

There is a supernatural power that puts ideas in the hearts of men. That solution to that problem that is in your head is also in other people's heads.  

You will never get credit for any idea that you haven't put to work. Only the action takers get the credit. If you don't take action now, somebody else will take action and will be blessed by the result of their actions. 


You need to understand that you are your number one supporter. You are the master of your ship. Nobody will support you better than you support yourself. 

Guess what people have for you? Nothing much. Even if they have much for you, one day they will stop baby-feeding you. Your parents will not continue to feed you forever. There will come a time where your presence will be nauseating to them.

3. THINGS WILL GET CLEARER: Every sincere influencer will tell you that things got clearer as they took action. Most times, ideas are not fully formed until a bold step is taken. If you don't take that bold step now, you won't understand your journey better.

4. YOU WILL OVERCOME YOUR FEARS: If you can muster the courage to take action now, you will discover that your fears aren't real. This will give you the confidence to take higher and beneficial risks. 

Did you know that you will regret the things you didn't do than the things you did? Take action now! 

John Ukpanukpong.

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