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Do not Announce Your Next Move
Many important things I ever accomplished were the ones I never publicised until I got the result. 

My engagement was a big surprise. My wedding invitation was three weeks. I didn't put a single picture of my NYSC experience on Facebook till the day I collected my discharge certificate. I didn't post much of my undergraduate days on social media till I graduated. 

Have you noticed that the things you publicise oftentimes don't get done? 

From childhood, I noticed that  I ended up not travelling whenever I  publicised my intention of travelling to too many people. I started mastering how to keep my goals secret and make my result a big surprise.

While most people think that publicising their goals will help them to be accountable,  research has it that we are less likely to accomplish our goals when we announce them to many people.

There's this rewarding feeling we get whenever we announce our goals to many people. It paralyses us and makes us not go any further because we already feel like we have arrived while we haven't. 

At some point or the other, we have come across some relatives who can promise you heaven and earth but will never make good their promises. Why? They have gotten the rewarding feeling of giving you what they promised by announcing them. They can even tell the whole world about their intentions of buying you that gift. But will they buy it? No!
Sometimes we wonder why people often steal our shine but fail to understand that we allowed them to do so by sharing our next move with them.

If you want to go far with that goal, reduce the number of people you tell about it especially when you about to start. Results are hard to be undone but unaccomplished goals can easily be knocked out.

Guard your goals jealously.  Resist the temptation of announcing your next move before you make them.

"Don't announce your move until you actually make one. You never know which evil is on its way with a set of prying eyes, to block your
move, if you just let it know." - Sripada

Never share your plans with anyone unless they are part of the plans. Move in silence and let your result speak.

John Ukpanukpong.

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