Be Ready To Go All The Way.

Bosco started to read and prepare for his forthcoming examination. Every day, he spends at least two hours preparing.
The night before his exam, he read for 2 hours and felt exhausted. He tried to push further but couldn’t. There was an important page he needed to read thoroughly but at this point, he felt like resting. 
So, he jumped on his bed and dozed off. He intended to wake up later to complete the remaining part but couldn’t get up. Not even his alarm could wake him up. 
He woke up just about an hour to the time for the exam. He couldn’t read but took his bath, ate and left for the examination hall.
In the exam hall, the invigilator distributed their question papers and asked them to start. With excitement, Bosco opened his question paper knowing fully well he has been preparing well. No sooner did he open his question paper than his excitement turned a gloomy one. 
The first question he saw was a question from the page he skipped. That question was compulsory and carried a 50% mark.
Have you ever noticed that the page you skipped when preparing for any quiz or exam might be the one that might come out? 
Sometimes you know that topic is important and might come out in the exam, but because of exhaustion, you lay it to rest. 
If you read for 5 hours but skipped that important page, you might not come out well.
I have come to realise that this also works in real life. That time you feel weary might be when you just need one more push to get there.
That moment you throw in the towel might be the moment that will cause a lasting change in your life.
That moment you said you can no longer go any further might be the moment you are very close to your destination. 
That moment you feel like nobody is patronising you, might be the moment somebody is thinking of coming to you for a big business deal. 
If you must achieve your goals, you have to be ready to go all the way. If you are in the right direction, don’t faint. You will get there. Keep holding on. Keep adding value.
“As we say in the sewer if you’re not prepared to go all the way, don’t put your boots on in the first place.” — Edward Norton
John Ukpanukpong.

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